CNG Buses Now Service Santiago, Chile’s Tourists

| Chile: Santiago | Source: Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

CNG buses for Santiago ChileNew Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses commenced operations this week at part of tourist services in Chile’s capital city of Santiago. These convertible, low environmental impact vehicles will deliver tourists from the city centre to the spectacular views and attractions of Santiago Metropolitan Park (Parquemet), including the renowned San Cristóbal Hill with its statue of the Immaculate Conception, and the Antilén pools.

Cristián Monckeberg, the Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, presented new ecological buses which have capacity for 26 people and will have a bicycle rack. Three have commenced service and five more will soon be delivered.

“The advantage of these buses is that they are ecological and use natural gas they produce little noise and pollution. It is a public-private effort, at a low cost and that allows us to access the park in a good way and also allows us to continue providing facilities so that these 5.5 million people who visit us annually can do so with security, tranquility and a more expeditious way”, said the Minister.

The buses were designed as tourist transport with a roof that can be folded away when the season permits. They are also equipped with an electric lift platform for wheelchair access.

“The desire of our public is to have a space for travel, family, to walk, to ride a bike and I think that with this the idea is to leave the private vehicle outside and start using this type of transport,” said the director of the Metropolitan Park, Hernán Merino.

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