Clean Energy Fuel for LNG-Powered Texas Truck Fleet

| USA, California and Texas

A Clean Energy truck off-loading LNG at a refuelling station.

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has signed an agreement with major US contract freight carrier Dillon Transport to build, operate and supply an LNG/CNG fueling station on Dillon-owned property in Dallas, Texas. The new natural gas fueling facility, also available 24/7 for public access, will support the expanding Dillon fleet of LNG-powered tanker trucks. Development of the new Clean Energy/Dillon Transport station is expected to begin immediately, with the opening projected for the third quarter.

Dillon Transport’s temperature-sensitive tanker truck fleets operate throughout the U.S. and Canada, with contract services concentrated east of the Rocky Mountains. The new Dallas Clean Energy station will support Dillon LNG trucks to be deployed in the near future to deliver raw materials to the Owens Corning shingle production plant in Irving, Texas. Owens Corning is a global producer of residential and commercial building materials.

Jeff Dillon, Owner and President of Dillon Transport, said, “We are involved in this project because LNG is cleaner, cheaper and domestic. This benefits every U.S. citizen in the form of environmental stewardship, national security and job creation. The new station is supported by private enterprise without government funding. We are proud to be a leader in the use of LNG as a transportation fuel, and without our partners, Owens Corning and Clean Energy, this innovative venture would not have been possible. Change of this magnitude is challenging, but I feel that the benefits can be profound.”

James Harger, Clean Energy’s Chief Marketing Officer, said, “With the availability of new class-8, 2010 EPA-compliant natural gas trucks from several major manufacturers, regional and national trucking operators are transitioning their fleets to natural gas to add fuel diversity, curtail harmful emissions and reduce dependence on imported oil. We commend Dillon Transport for its leadership role in this rapidly-growing movement.”

Costing less than diesel, natural gas fuel produces up to 23%-percent lower greenhouse gas emissions in medium to heavy-duty vehicle applications. U.S. Department of Energy reports estimate that 98% of the natural gas consumed in the U.S. is sourced in the U.S. and Canada.

(This article  using information from a Clean Energy Fuels Corp press release.)

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