Clean Energy Compression to Supply 16 Units for Madrid Transit (EMT)

| USA, Newport Beach CA and Spain, Madrid

Clean Energy Compression (CEC), a U.S. based international single-source supplier of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fueling systems, has signed an agreement with Seranco, S.A., a Spanish construction company working out of Madrid, for 16 CleanCNG 2.0 300HP compressors. The equipment will be installed at three Empresa Municipal de Madrid (EMT) fueling facilities throughout the city.

Currently EMT operates approximately 25% of its fleet – 500 buses – with CNG. Last month, EMT and the City Council of Madrid approved the purchase of an additional 200 CNG buses in 2017, to go along with the purchase of 400 made in 2016. The transit agency has a goal of making their entire fleet ‘clean’ by 2019. EMT announced it would continue to purchase CNG buses because they reduce pollutant emissions by 70 percent in relation to diesel – and complies with the strictest European emission regulations.

In December, the city of Madrid joined Paris, Athens and Mexico City in laying out plans to ban diesel from their cities by the year 2025. Madrid already plans to ban cars from 500 acres of its city center by 2020.

“We are proud to perform this project. This will be the first step to improve the air quality of Madrid City in the next years. We hope many other cities will join this process increasing their commitment with the environment,” said Santiago Garrido, CEO of Gas & Go.

“Madrid is just one of a number of cities across Europe and around the world which are taking steps to clean up their air that has become a significant health issue for its citizens, largely caused by the use of diesel,” said Frank Meyer, president of CEC. “We are proud to partner with Seranco to expand EMT’s use of their CNG fleet which is one of the best and quickest ways to address harmful smog.”

Clean Energy Compression is a pioneer in oil-free compression in cylinders and pistons, providing clean gas to the system while protecting the environment by minimizing the amount of lubricant used and keeping the storage capacity constant. Besides the robustness and high reliability of CEC products, the basis of its strength at all points of coverage, is the great experience in manufacturing and maintenance of equipment for CNG.

Clean Energy Compression is a division of Clean Energy Fuels Corp, an NGV Global member and sponsor.

Source: Clean Energy Fuels Corp.

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