China’s First LNG Fueling Vessel Project Kicks Off at DSIC

| China: Dalian | Source: China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation

LNG bunker vessel newbuild underway in ChinaRecently, the opening ceremony of the Xin’ao 8500 m3 LNG fueling vessel project contracted by DSIC was held in Dalian, marking the official commencement of China’s first LNG fueling vessel project. Xin’ao 8500m3 LNG fueling vessel is the world’s largest C-Type cargo space dedicated LNG fueling vessel built by a domestic shipyard.

The total length of the vessel is about 119.3 meters, the modeled width is 19.8 meters, the modeled depth is 11 meters, the design draft is 5.9 meters, and the structure draft is 6.5 meters. It is a semi-pressure/fully-cold LNG fueling vessel, with single oar, and is driven by dual fuel main engines and is suitable for unlimited navigation.It is reported that the vessel of this project will mainly rely on Xin’ao Zhoushan LNG receiving and fueling terminal for LNG fueling in the future.

The Xin’ao Zhoushan LNG receiving and fueling terminal, as the first project in China that has been approved and obtained the national and regional fueling permit, it is able to fueling LNG fuel for international shipping vessels, and it is also China’s first project of LNG receiving and filling station invested and constructed by the private enterprise.

The Xin’ao Zhoushan LNG receiving and fueling station has complete berths and fueling facilities, it has a great influence in international shipping market and is the first choice for fueling for international LNG ships entering China and Asia.In the future, this project will complement the home port of Zhoushan in terms of fueling. While improving the fueling and allocation capacity, it will also increase the radiation scope of the market, so as to better serve the international and domestic LNG fueling markets.

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