Chart-VTG LNGonRail Prototype Close to Final Testing

| Czech Republic and Germany

Chart Ferox-VTG LNGonRails ProjectChart, global supplier of cryogenic products and systems for storage, transport, and distribution of liquefied technical gases, and VTG Aktiengesellschaft (VTG), a global wagon hire and rail logistics company, have successfully manufactured and tested the cryogenic tank section of the world’s first LNG rail car prototype at Chart’s Ferox facility in Decin, Czech Republic. The section has now been transferred to VTG for final assembly in Elze, German facility.

Over the next few weeks, the cryogenic LNG storage vessel, 24 m long and with a volume of approx. 111 m³, will be mounted on the chassis and after completion, the wagon will be carried out prior to final testing.

Due to the vessel’s outstanding insulation properties it will maintain the LNG at the initial filling temperature of approximately – 161°C for up to 4-6 weeks without product loss through evaporation. Each railcar replaces two trucks on the road so besides the positive environmental benefit and economic advantage of LNG, LNGonRail also means even less air pollution and less traffic jams.

First announced in May this year, the project calls for two LNGonRail prototypes to be developed, with VTG responsible for the development and final completion including obtaining the necessary permissions and railway specific approval.

(Source: Chart)

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