CEC Funds New Natural Gas Engine Research Project by GTI

| USA, Sacramento CA

The California Energy Commission (CEC), the U.S. state’s primary energy policy and planning agency, has approved a USD 1 million grant to Gas Technology Institute (GTI), an American non-profit research and development organization with a particular focus on natural gas, to develop and demonstrate an advanced natural gas engine to be installed in 18 vehicles such as delivery trucks and school buses.

Specifically, CEC has awarded the grant to integrate and demonstrate a production intent 6.7 liter medium-duty natural gas engine that will be capable of meeting future 2018 EPA heavy-duty on-board diagnostic requirements.

According to the grant document, “This project consists of the testing and development of a natural gas engine with work primarily being performed in a laboratory, including dynamometer testing. Some on-road testing of vehicles will be completed, however this will be completed through existing vehicle fleets and the impact is expected to be minimal.”

The engine will help improve air quality in Southern California.

(Source: California Energy Commission)

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