Chart and GFW Launch Innovative LNG/Diesel Refueller

| USA, New Prague MN

Chart-GFW LNG-diesel refuelerChart, designer and manufacturer of highly engineered cryogenic equipment, and Ground Force Worldwide (GFW), an international mining equipment manufacturer, have collaborated in the development and launch of the first mobile dual LNG/diesel refueller.  Read more »

HAM’s LNG Nozzle Prototype Eliminates Leakage

| Spain, Barcelona

HAM new LNG NozzleSpain’s HAM Group has developed a new Liquefied Natural Gas nozzle to supply fuel to heavy duty vehicles that delivers increased safety while eliminating leakage. Built in aluminium and stainless steel, the prototype design adapts to current refueling systems. In short, no change is required to LNG dispensers or to fuel connectors on vehicles. Read more »

Aspro Launches Low-Flow Compact CNG Compressor

| Argentina, Buenos Aires

Aspro LF50 CNG CompressorAspro, recently acquired by Inverlat investor Group, has introduced a new low flow compressor family member — the ASPRO LF50 Compressor line for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) — which meets operating needs for areas that have low gas pressure. Its compact design, with reduced dimensions, allows for an easy and economic transport, handling, installation and maintenance. Read more »

ABS Guide for LNG Bunkering Published

| USA, Houston TX
LNG Bunkering (Image: ABS)

LNG Bunkering (Image: ABS)

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a leading provider of classification and technical services to the marine and offshore industries, has published ABS Guide for LNG Bunkering. This new Guide provides standards for the design, construction and survey of LNG bunkering systems that are on board a vessel. Read more »

Mobile CNG Compressor Funded for Demonstrations in California

| USA, Los Angeles CA

Onboard Dynamics mobile CNG compressorSouthern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) reports it has signed a contract with Onboard Dynamics, Inc. (ObDI), an innovator in compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling technology, to fund the demonstration and testing of a new mobile natural gas compressor that is compact, easily transported and itself powered by CNG. It can be used to re-fuel compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles no matter where they are. Read more »

Ultimate CNG Obtains U.S. Patent for FuelMule™ Mobile CNG Station

| USA, Oakton VA

Ultimate CNG FuelMuleUltimate CNG LLC, a provider of mobile CNG fueling and CNG fleet services based in Oakton, Virginia, has received final U.S. patent approval for its premier mobile CNG fueling asset, the FuelMule™, a fast-fill compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station on a truck. Read more »

U.S. Company Releases of New CNG Compression Technology

| USA, Addison TX

J-W Powerfill CNG CompressorJ-W Power Company, based in Addison TX, has developed a new patent-pending compressed natural gas (CNG) technology that it says significantly improves the customer’s fueling experience with decreased fill time at the dispenser. This technology allows the compressor to change the number of stages dynamically to utilize high pressure from storage to yield a higher flow rate.  Read more »

Parker Integrated CNG Fueling Dispenser First Fully Certified

| USA, Richmond CA

XF70 Fast Fill Commercial and Fleet Dispenser Certified to ANSI/IAS NGV 4.1-99/CSA 12.5-M99 (R2014) – NGV Dispensing Systems

Parker Hannifin’s Veriflo Division/Instrumentation Group has achieved CSA Group certification for its XF70 Fast Fill Commercial and Fleet Dispenser, to ANSI/IAS NGV 4.1-99/CSA 12.5-M99 (R2014) – NGV Dispensing Systems. This makes the XF70 the only commercial and fleet dispenser to achieve the certification. Read more »

CNG Refueling Innovation Receives USD 3 Million Funding

| USA, Bend OR

Onboard Dynamics, Inc. (ObDI), an innovator in compressed natural gas (CNG) refueling, is currently pursuing two compressed natural gas refueling solutions — a fully integrated onboard engine-compressor system and a standalone, mobile, self-powered compressor system.  Read more »