US Patent for ANGP’s Natural Gas Low Pressure Delivery System

| USA, Chester NJ
ANGP gas storage

ANG conformable storage tank

Adsorbed Natural Gas Products Inc. (ANGP), recent winners of the 2016 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award, has received a Notice of Allowance for its Sorbent Based Low Pressure Gaseous Delivery System from the United State Patent and Trademark Office. ANGP refers to it as a Fuel Extraction Pressurization System (FEPS™). Read more »

ANGP Earns Innovation Award for NGV Gas Storage Technology

| USA, Chester NJ

ANGO 1Adsorbed Natural Gas Products Inc. (ANGP), New Jersey-based developer of on-board low pressure adsorbed natural gas (ANG) storage technology, has been awarded the 2016 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for Gas Storage for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs). Read more »

IMPCO Releases New CNG PRDs

| Canada, Kitchener ON

Westport IMPCO PRDsIMPCO Technologies, Inc. (IMPCO), an alternative fuel division of Westport Fuel Systems Inc., has released an expanded line of GFI branded high pressure compressed natural gas (CNG) thermal pressure relief devices (PRD). The new products, certified to ANSI PRD 1-2013 and now available globally, include: Read more »

U.S. DOT Approves Lightstore High Capacity Pressure Vessels

| USA, Berkeley CA

Lightsail 'Lightstore' CNG CylindersThe United States Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) has approved a permit application from LightSail Energy, a developer of sustainable energy technologies, for its breakthrough high capacity, lightweight, low-cost carbon composite pressure vessels. Read more »

POSCO Manganese Steel Employed for Marine LNG Fuel Tanks

| South Korea, Pohang

POSCO, a multinational steel-making company headquartered in Pohang, South Korea says it’s low-temperature resilient high manganese steel will be used in building the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG)-powered bulk carrier. The new steel, claimed as a world first by POSCO, will be used for the fuel tank of the 50,000-ton dual-fuel LNG-powered bulk carrier to be built by Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.  Read more »

Optimum Awarded Patent for Type 4 Boss

| USA, Brigham City UT

On May 31 this year Optimum Composite Technologies, LLC., based in the US state of Utah, was awarded its patent for their Type 4 Boss from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company is working on certifying a type 4 CNG tank using this technology and plans on having one ready for market by the start of 2017. Read more »

Emcara Viper PRD Designed for 5000psi

| Canada, Guelph ON

Emcara Gas Development Inc., Canadian designer and manufacturer of alternative fuel systems, has developed a new pressure relief device (PRD) for systems that have a working pressure of 5,000psi -- the Viper PRD. It continues to have the patent long-trigger technology that allows for full protection coverage of a cylinder or a bank of cylinders (tanks) in a CNG system of any size.   In addition to the existing benefits of the technology, Emcara explains that many upgrades were made to address concerns about the protection of CNG systems in the industry. The Viper PRD also has the added benefit of a higher flow rate when venting in the case of a fire. This allows gas to escape at a faster and more efficient manner, as it is extremely important to get the gas out as quickly as possible avoiding any possibility of a tank rupture.  The internal mechanism utilized in this model of PRD is extremely robust, which increases its performance over the toughest of road conditions, this also includes enhanced corrosion protection.  The Viper PRD trigger can range from 4’ to 45’ in length. The trigger line also allows for detection of smaller fires over the length of the line. Localized fires as small as 5” can now be detected in some conditions.  The Viper PRD is fully certified to ANSI/CSA PRD1.2013* and is ready for use in the market.  *ANSI/CSA PRD1.2013 currently offers only a 3,600 psi certification  (Source: Emcara Gas Development Inc.)Emcara Gas Development Inc., Canadian designer and manufacturer of alternative fuel systems, has developed a new pressure relief device (PRD) for CNG systems that have a working pressure of 5,000psi — the Viper PRD. As for all Emcara PRD products, the Viper has the patent long-trigger technology that allows for full protection coverage of a cylinder or a bank of cylinders (tanks) in a system of any size.  Read more »

CNGci Gains Type III Cylinder Approvals in Canada

| USA, Oxnard CA

CNGCI type 3 cylinder May2016 (1)Californian company CNG Cylinders International (CNGci) recently gained approval for its Type III CNG fuel cylinders in British Columbia (Canadian Registration Number R2348.51) and Ontario (CRN R2348.5), adding breadth to its North American market penetration. Read more »

French Companies Collaborate to Deliver LNG Marine Fuel Solutions

| France, Paris

French engineering and technology company GTT (Gaztransport & Technigaz SA) and Endel, a subsidiary of the Energy Services Branch of ENGIE Group, reaffirmed their collaboration in the area of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a marine fuel, following the recent signing of a Technical Assistance and License Agreement (TALA) for the construction of GTT membrane containment systems. In the framework of this agreement, Endel unveiled a mock-up of a Mark III type GTT membrane system. Read more »

Initial ANG System Test Delivers ‘Remarkable’ Results

| USA, Fremont CA

Cenergy's Ford F-150 set up for ANGCenergy Solutions, a Californian company dedicated to capturing and utilizing renewable bio-natural gas and natural gas, to replace traditional gasoline, diesel and propane fuels, has reported initial performance results from using Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) in a CNG-prepped Ford F-150. Read more »