PGS 26 for CNG and LNG Vehicles Issued for Comment in Netherlands

| The Netherlands, Delft

Prins CNG/LPGNetherlands’ Publicatiereeks Gevaarlijke Stoffen (PGS, tr. Hazardous Substances Publication Series) has drafted a national safety guideline covering safe procedures for CNG and LNG vehicles (PGS 26). The document is formulated according to ‘Nieuwe Stijl’ (tr. New Style) guidelines which convert existing PGS publications into a format consistent with the Netherland’s 2018 Environmental Act. All interested parties can view the concept and send any comments to the PGS project office. Read more »

First-of-its-Kind Guidance for U.S. CNG Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

| USA, Washington DC | Source: NGVAmerica
Clean Energy NGV Easy Bay Vapour Barrier System

Clean Energy NGV Easy Bay Vapour Barrier System

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program has published a new first-of-its-kind guidance document, the Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Facility Modifications Handbook, which covers all aspects of indoor CNG vehicle maintenance facility considerations. Read more »

Sweden’s Extensive Safety Regime Ensures NGV Security

| Sweden, Stockholm

Servicing NGVs in SwedenSwedish trade associations Energigas Sweden and BIL Sweden have issued a press release addressing media reports that infer a disproportionately high number of accidents for vehicles powered by natural gas, supposedly due to lower safety thresholds. “That’s not right,” they say, emphasizing security issues are always top priority for the natural gas vehicle (NGV) sector. Read more »

USCG Guides Simultaneous Operations During LNG Fuel Transfer

| USA, Washington DC
Tote Maritime LNG bunkering in port

LNG bunkering in port (Image: TOTE Maritime)

The United States Coast Guard’s Office of Operating and Environmental Standards (CG-OES) issued a policy letter late June this year, providing guidance for evaluating Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) during Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Fuel Transfer Operations at waterfront facilities. Read more »

Call to Clean Californian Ports Air with Low NOx RNG-Powered Trucks

| USA, Sacramento CA
Port of Long Beach - Pier T Gate

Pier T Gate (Image: Port of Long Beach)

The Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have released their draft 2017 Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) update, addressing plans to reduce emissions from all sources that move cargo throughout the ports.  The California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (CNGVC) and SoCalGas say today’s heavy duty natural gas vehicle technology and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is an immediate solution. Read more »

The Port of Helsinki Publishes Safety Manual for LNG Bunkering

| Finland, Helsinki
Tallink Shuttle Megastar refueling at West Harbour, Helsinki Port

Tallink Shuttle Megastar refuelling, Port of Helsinki. Photo: Timo Porthan.

The growing adoption of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a marine fuel, largely due to it being a significantly more environmentally friendly option than traditional diesel or heavy fuel oil, has led the Port of Helsinki to publish instructions for the safe LNG bunkering of ships.  Read more »

Landi Renzo ‘Successfully’ Crashes CNG MY2017 F-250

| USA, Torrance CA

Landi Renzo crash test Ford MY2017 F-250Landi Renzo USA is committed to meeting it’s safety obligations under US law. That is why is has just destroyed a CNG-modified Ford MY2017 F-250 by crashing it into several barriers to prove the safety of the compressed natural gas powered vehicle and its fuel system. Read more »

Education the Key for CNG First Responders

| USA, Midland TX

Freedom CNG StationGetting it right for first responders when attending a road vehicle incident in the Permian Basin region of Texas was the focus of a series of free natural gas vehicle and station awareness trainings conducted by Freedom CNG last week. Nearly 100 attendees from Midland Fire Department, Midland County Sheriff, and Texas Department of Transportation attended the training. Read more »

ABS Guide for LNG Bunkering Published

| USA, Houston TX
LNG Bunkering (Image: ABS)

LNG Bunkering (Image: ABS)

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), a leading provider of classification and technical services to the marine and offshore industries, has published ABS Guide for LNG Bunkering. This new Guide provides standards for the design, construction and survey of LNG bunkering systems that are on board a vessel. Read more »