Lima and Callao Plan Massive Expansion of CNG Bus Fleet

| Peru, Lima

El Metroplitano CNG busCálidda, an majority-owned affiliate of Latin American power company Grupo Energía de Bogotá and holder of the natural gas distribution concession in the Department of Lima and the Constitutional Province of Callao in Peru, has articulated an ambitious infrastructure expansion plan that includes major provision for natural gas for transportation. Read more »

Bogota Discusses Cleaner Mobility

| Colombia, Bogotá D.C.

Grupo Energia de Bogota (GEB), within the framework of the First E-Mobility International Meeting organized by the World Energy Council (WEC), in Bogota, participated in the “Individual Mobility Experiences” panel, where matters related to trends in mobility with clean technologies and the serious problem of transport-related emissions were discussed. Read more »

Colombia CNG Fuel Stations Passes 800

| Colombia, Bogotá
Colombia: EPM CNG Station opens Punto Cero Medellin

EPM CNG Station in Medellin

Colombia’s Ministerio de Minas y Energía (MINMINAS) recently updated statistics for the country that demonstrate the ongoing and significant growth of their natural gas vehicle industry. As at 30 June 2017, there were 562,614 registered NGVs, which equates to an 18% increase since 2013. At the same time the number of CNG stations passed another milestone. Read more »

Fuel Cards to Incentivise Trinidad CNG Adoption

| Trinidad, Pt. Lisas

Trinidad's NGC_and Scotiabank sign AgreementTrinidad’s NGC CNG Company Limited and Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited have signed an agreement to provide fuel cards to vehicle owners who switch to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), signalling a growing push to build the national natural gas fuel market. Read more »

Peruvian HDVs Plan LNG Fuel for 2018

| Peru, Lima | Source: La República

TRC FleetTransportes Rodríguez Carranza (TRC), a major national operator in Peru’s transport and storage sector has signed a contract with Gases del Pacífico (GDP) to deliver Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to regions in the north of the country. Read more »

ENGIE and AES JV Eyes Central America LNG Opportunities

| USA, Arlington VA and France, Paris

ENGIE and The AES Corporation (AES) have agreed to enter into a joint venture to market and sell liquefied natural gas (LNG) to third parties in Central America. This new agreement will pave the way for ENGIE and AES to supply LNG to industrial customers, develop small scale demand and provide bunkering services. Read more »

Aspro Launches Low-Flow Compact CNG Compressor

| Argentina, Buenos Aires

Aspro LF50 CNG CompressorAspro, recently acquired by Inverlat investor Group, has introduced a new low flow compressor family member — the ASPRO LF50 Compressor line for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) — which meets operating needs for areas that have low gas pressure. Its compact design, with reduced dimensions, allows for an easy and economic transport, handling, installation and maintenance. Read more »

Aspro Begins New Journey with Inverlat

| Argentina, Buenos Aires
Aspro APE70 CNG Compressor

Aspro APE70 CNG Compressor

Latin American investment company Inverlat, already the owner of a diverse energy and retail portfolio, has acquired 53% of Aspro, a global Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compressor manufacturer based in Argentina, which recently sold it’s 5,000th CNG compressor.  Read more »

Bolivia Plans 20,000 CNG Conversions

| Bolivia, La Paz

Bolivia CNG conversionBolivia’s Implementing Entity [for] Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV), an agency of the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, is planning a program of 20,000 conversions of vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas. “We have already acquired the cylinders and kits for moving to our regional warehouses and will then distribute them to the conversion workshops,” said EEC-GNV Executive Director Alejandra Huaylla. Read more »

Two CNG Stations Open in Trinidad & Tobago

| Trinidad & Tobago
CNG pump launch South Trinidad

South Trinidad CNG station reopens for business

NGC CNG Company Limited, incorporated in 2013 by the Government of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago with the mandate to build more Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations and increase the number of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in the country, has reopened a station closed for a major upgrade and added a new station, bringing the total number of public CNG refueling locations to ten. Read more »