Swell in Small-scale LNG Demand to 2030

| United Kingdom: London | Source: LNG World Shipping

Demand for LNG for marine bunkering is expected to grow with the small-scale LNG (ssLNG) sector a key beneficiary, said Wood Mackenzie director of upstream supply chain Dr Wei Liu. Presenting an overview of where the market will be in 2025 and 2030 at the LNG Ship/Shore Interface Conference in London last week, Dr Liu outlined the main end-uses of small-scale LNG production as being fuelling LNG-powered trucks, bunkering and power generation. Read more »

Jiangsu’s First Service Area LNG Refueling Station Opens

| China: Jiangsu | Source: Jiangsu Provincial Office of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge

Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge

On November 26th, the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) refueling station of the Jiangyin Bridge Service Area officially opened, becoming the first service area in Jiangsu Province to open a LNG refueling station. The Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Yangtze River.  Read more »

Hyundai Santro CNG Raises Benchmark in India

| India: New Delhi | Source: Hyundai India

Hyundai Santro CNG (India)Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL), India’s second largest car manufacturer and the number one car exporter since inception, says the All New SANTRO family car has received over 38,500 bookings and 211,000 enquiries since its national launch on Oct 23, 2018. 18% of those are for the CNG model. Read more »

Korean Government Plans 140 Small and Medium LNG-fuelled ships by 2025

| Korea: Seoul | Source: Government of Korea
HMD shipyard 2017

Image courtesy of Hyundai Mipo Dockyard.

The Korean government has instigated a massive program of support for small and mid-sized shipbuilders to develop Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) propulsion ship designs and enhance construction capacity, to boost industry vitality.  Read more »

Korea Promotes Uptake of Hydrogen Buses

| Korea: Seoul | Source: Ministry of Trade, Energy and Industry

Korean H2 Bus cities sign agreementKorea’s central government, local governments and Korean manufacturers and producers have set in motion a major infusion of hydrogen-fuelled buses for public transportation. The project is commencing with FCEV pilot projects, and calls for the introduction of at least 1,000 FCEV buses by 2022. Read more »

Gomselmash CNG Grain Harvester to be Tested in Irkutsk

| Belarus: Gomel | Source: Gomselmash

Gomsalmesh GS 4118 K natural gas powered harvester (2)Russia’s Irkutsk Oblast, located in southeastern Siberia, is to test a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered grain harvester manufactured by Belarusian manufacturer Gomselmash. The trial has been formalised under a cooperation agreement signed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Irkutsk Region and Gomselmash OJSC. Read more »

CNG Optimum ABS Testing Nears Completion

| Australia: West Perth WA | Source: GEV

GEV CNG Optimum 200 gas carrier designGlobal Energy Ventures Ltd (GEV), an Australian developer of global integrated compressed natural gas (CNG) projects, reports the Long-term Fatigue Test and 6,000 cycles Notched Burst Test for its high-strength line-pipe by ABS have been successfully completed. Only the Cooled Burst Test remains to gain full CNG Optimum cargo system approval. Read more »

DEME’s Giant, Next-gen Installation Vessel ‘Orion’ Launched in China

| Belgium: Zwijndrecht | Source: DEME

Orion for DEMEBelgium’s DEME (Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering) Group’s next generation, giant new offshore installation vessel Orion was successfully launched at the COSCO Qidong shipyard in China on November 21. The vessel has dual-fuel engines and can run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). Read more »

Innovative Dual-fuel Technology Incubated at New Acland Mine goes Global

| Australia: Brookwater QLD | Source: New Hope Group

New Acland Mine HDCNG trial truck-473 CAT789CNew Hope Group, a majority Australian owned and operated diversified energy company has been capturing attention with its new hybrid truck that has been doing hard labour around New Acland mine near Oakey on the Darling Downs, Queensland, for the past two years. Read more »

Pune’s PMPML Fleet to Add 840 CNG Buses in 2019

| India: Pune | Source: Hindustan Times
Tata LPO 1613 CNG bus

Tata LPO 1613 CNG bus

Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML), provider of public transportation services in the fast growing cultural capital of India’s Maharashtra State, says it will add almost 1,000 alt-fuel buses to its fleet in 2019, 840 of which will be powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Read more »