IGU on World Energy Outlook 2017: Natural Gas a Fuel Unmatched

| Spain, Barcelona

IGU Logo (full)The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) has published World Energy Outlook 2017 in which the central theme is of a world in energy transition as traditional ways are upended in favour of renewables and cleaner choices through technology advancements. The International Gas Union (IGU) draws much optimism from the report which cites the “strong environmental dimension” in the case for natural gas and lauds natural gas’ “multiple roles across the energy system that no other fuel or technology can match”. Read more »

Time for Policy Change in Nigeria, NIPCO Argues

| Nigeria, Lagos
NIPCO CNG Station (Sapele)

NIPCO CNG Station (Sapele)

Nigeria has an abundance of natural gas yet it continues to import liquid fuel at high cost for its energy requirements, particularly for vehicle fuel. It is this paradox that was discussed when members of the Nigerian Gas Association (NGA) met in Lagos last week to focus on the prospect of converting the transportation sector to natural gas. Read more »

Gas-fueled KAMAZ a Top-Ten Finisher in 2017 Africa Eco Rally

| Russia

KAMAZ Rally truck at Eco Africa 2017The 2017 version of the Africa Eco Race, held in North Africa since 2009, has served the purpose of the KAMAZ team by drawing attention to the possibilities and performance of natural gas as a fuel for transportation. The gas-fueled KAMAZ led by Sergey Kupriyanov finished among the top ten in the final standings and was best among hybrid vehicles. Read more »

CNG National Fleet on the Rise in Nigeria

| Nigeria, Lagos

CNG refueling in NigeriaNigerian Independent Petroleum Company, NIPCO Plc, a downstream petroleum and gas operator, reports the number of vehicles in the country utilising Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) now more than 6,000, up from the 5,000 NGVs reported in August 2015. Read more »

Cummins Africa Sets Up CNG Engine Training Course

| South Africa, Gauteng

Cummins Westport ISL G EngineCummins Africa has added a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine training programme to the courses available at its Kelvin View training facility in Gauteng. The initiative suggests there is growing interest and demand in South Africa for natural gas as a viable fuel for transportation. Trainees will have access to two Cummins Westport ISL G natural gas engines, one for dismantling and rebuilding, and the other for demonstration and technician testing. Read more »

Metrobus Dual-fuel CNG Fleet Nears Completion in Joburg

| South Africa, Johannesburg

South Africa Metrobus CNGMetrobus, as the municipal-owned provider of public transport for the city of Johannesburg, last year undertook to convert some of its current diesel buses to Diesel Dual Fuel (DDF) and procure Euro-5 DDF buses, which are more friendly to the environment in terms of carbon emissions. Altogether, 150 CNG buses were ordered and delivery is now in its final stages. Read more »

Tshwane TRT Operates First Sub-Saharan CNG Bus

| South Africa, Pretoria

A Re Yeng CNG BusIn South Africa, the City of Tshwane — the metropolitan municipality that forms the local government of northern Gauteng Province — is home to the first bus in sub-Saharan Africa to be propelled by compressed natural gas (CNG). Joining the A Re Yeng bus fleet, the 12 m rigid Mercedes-Benz chassis is equipped with an 8.9 litre natural gas engine and makes provision for 33 seated and 35 standing passengers. Read more »

Massive Gas Discovery Contains Inherent Growth for Egypt’s Natural Gas Fuel Industry

| Egypt, Cairo
Gastec CNG Station (Oct 2013)

Gastec CNG Station, Nasr City (Oct 2013)

Italian energy giant Eni has made a world class supergiant gas discovery at its Zohr Prospect, in the deep waters of Egypt. The discovery could hold a potential of 30 trillion cubic feet of lean gas¹ in place, the largest gas discovery ever made in Egypt and in the Mediterranean Sea. The massive find may in time provide a major stimulus for natural gas as a transportation fuel nationally, and possibly regionally. Read more »

Johannesburg Converts 30 Buses to Natural Gas

| South Africa, Johannesburg and Italy, Serralunga di Crea

South Africa Johannesburg MetrobusItaly’s Ecomotive Solutions, a Holdim Group company and engine calibration specialist, has supported the conversion of 30 buses from the Johannesburg (South Africa) Metrobus fleet into Dual Fuel CNG (compressed natural gas) through its South African partner, Vehicle Gas Solutions. The recent conversion to natural gas is a part of a “Going Green” approach aimed at promoting and incentivizing the use of methane by the urban public transport system in Johannesburg. Read more »