IGU on World Energy Outlook 2017: Natural Gas a Fuel Unmatched

| Spain, Barcelona

IGU Logo (full)The Paris-based International Energy Agency (IEA) has published World Energy Outlook 2017 in which the central theme is of a world in energy transition as traditional ways are upended in favour of renewables and cleaner choices through technology advancements. The International Gas Union (IGU) draws much optimism from the report which cites the “strong environmental dimension” in the case for natural gas and lauds natural gas’ “multiple roles across the energy system that no other fuel or technology can match”. Read more »

ACT Expo Highlights Natural Gas Truck Tsunami About to Hit the USA

| California, USA

NGV Global’s Technical Chair, Dr Alex Lawson attended the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California last month and filed the following report:

For delegates attending the 2012 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo in Long Beach California, May 15 – 17, it became very evident that natural gas vehicles, especially in the heavy duty sector, had now become predominant compared with all other alternative clean transportation approaches.

All of the major truck manufacturers had LNG and CNG tractors on display – Daimler, Kenworth, Peterbuilt, Navistar, and Mack. Peterbuilt indicated that their natural gas vehicle production had increased from about 700 trucks in 2011 to over 2000 trucks in 2012 with an equal split between the ISL G 320 CNG and the GX 15 L LNG tractors.  The reason for this growth is clear.  The advent of shale gas with the decoupling of NG price from conventional oil, has resulted in a price spread from about $4 per gall for diesel vs just over $2 per DGE for LNG, that is LNG is about half the price of diesel.  Read more »