Luxfer Type IV Cylinders Selected by Mainstay

| USA, Piedmont SC

Mainstay Fuel Technologies - Truck (sm)Mainstay Fuel Technologies, Inc., specializing in designing, engineering and producing CNG fuel-delivery systems, has opted for Luxfer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders for its heavy duty truck onboard fuel systems. The selected product, the Gen2 G-STOR® Go Type 4 cylinders, consists of a Luxfer-manufactured aluminium liner fully over-wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fibre. Read more »

Hexagon CNG Cylinders for Indonesian Conversions

| Norway and Indonesia
Hexagon Raufoss CNG System

Hexagon Raufoss CNG System

One thousand new Hexagon Raufoss Type IV cylinders have been ordered by PT Autogas in Indonesia, for conversion of taxis and government vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG), reports parent company Hexagon Composites. Indonesia’s government is facilitating a transition to natural gas as an alternative to diesel and gasoline. Read more »

Optimum Awarded Patent for Type 4 Boss

| USA, Brigham City UT

On May 31 this year Optimum Composite Technologies, LLC., based in the US state of Utah, was awarded its patent for their Type 4 Boss from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The company is working on certifying a type 4 CNG tank using this technology and plans on having one ready for market by the start of 2017. Read more »

Emcara Viper PRD Designed for 5000psi

| Canada, Guelph ON

Emcara Gas Development Inc., Canadian designer and manufacturer of alternative fuel systems, has developed a new pressure relief device (PRD) for systems that have a working pressure of 5,000psi -- the Viper PRD. It continues to have the patent long-trigger technology that allows for full protection coverage of a cylinder or a bank of cylinders (tanks) in a CNG system of any size.   In addition to the existing benefits of the technology, Emcara explains that many upgrades were made to address concerns about the protection of CNG systems in the industry. The Viper PRD also has the added benefit of a higher flow rate when venting in the case of a fire. This allows gas to escape at a faster and more efficient manner, as it is extremely important to get the gas out as quickly as possible avoiding any possibility of a tank rupture.  The internal mechanism utilized in this model of PRD is extremely robust, which increases its performance over the toughest of road conditions, this also includes enhanced corrosion protection.  The Viper PRD trigger can range from 4’ to 45’ in length. The trigger line also allows for detection of smaller fires over the length of the line. Localized fires as small as 5” can now be detected in some conditions.  The Viper PRD is fully certified to ANSI/CSA PRD1.2013* and is ready for use in the market.  *ANSI/CSA PRD1.2013 currently offers only a 3,600 psi certification  (Source: Emcara Gas Development Inc.)Emcara Gas Development Inc., Canadian designer and manufacturer of alternative fuel systems, has developed a new pressure relief device (PRD) for CNG systems that have a working pressure of 5,000psi — the Viper PRD. As for all Emcara PRD products, the Viper has the patent long-trigger technology that allows for full protection coverage of a cylinder or a bank of cylinders (tanks) in a system of any size.  Read more »

US DOT Approves Hexagon’s Titan XL; More Orders

| Norway and USA

Titan Orders Flowing

Hexagon Lincoln, the wholly owned North American subsidiary of Norway’s Hexagon Composites, has been granted a permit by the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) for its large capacity compressed natural gas (CNG) storage container, the 40-foot long TITAN® XL. Read more »

CNGci Gains Type III Cylinder Approvals in Canada

| USA, Oxnard CA

CNGCI type 3 cylinder May2016 (1)Californian company CNG Cylinders International (CNGci) recently gained approval for its Type III CNG fuel cylinders in British Columbia (Canadian Registration Number R2348.51) and Ontario (CRN R2348.5), adding breadth to its North American market penetration. Read more »

Agility and Hexagon’s Auto-Products Division to Merge

| USA, Santa Ana CA and Norway, Aalesund

Hexagon Composites’ CNG Automotive Products Division, which includes medium- and heavy-duty vehicle composite cylinder manufacturing operations and its bus systems business unit, and Agility Fuel Systems, a leader in natural gas fuel system solutions for commercial vehicles, will merge to form Agility Fuel Solutions. The new entity will be owned equally by Hexagon Composites and Agility’s current investors. Agility Fuel Solutions will continue to transform the global medium- and heavy-duty vehicle industry with clean fuel technologies. Read more »

New Roof-Mounted CNG Fuel Systems from Momentum in U.S.

| USA, Las Vegas NV

Momentum Fuel Technologies has addressed the unique requirements of waste collection vehicles by introducing two specially designed roof-mount configurations to its line of compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system solutions for Class 6 to Class 8 trucks. The new 70DGE and 87DGE roof-mount systems are in production for immediate delivery. Read more »

New JV to Pursue Natural Gas Opportunities in India

| Norway, Ålesund

Norway-based Hexagon Composites has entered into a joint venture agreement with Siddha Gas Technik Pvt Ltd to pursue opportunities in India’s natural gas market. Siddha Gas Technik brings over 30 years of natural gas systems and service experience to the joint venture, which will sell CNG Automotive and Mobile Pipeline® products. Read more »

US DOE Approves High-Volume CNG Transportation Module

| USA, Lincoln NE

Hexagon Composites SMARTSTORE CNG transport module A new gas transportation module has been approved for operation in the United States by the US DOT (Department of Transportation). According to manufacturer Hexagon Lincoln, their newest Mobile Pipeline® product offers the highest compressed natural gas (CNG) volume of any 20 ft container transporting up to 245,000 scf (6,910 scm), with a total water volume of 23,175 liters. It is also suitable for transporting compressed hydrogen gas (CHG). Read more »