Significant NGV Growth in Key US Markets

| USA, Washington, DC | Source: NGVAmerica

NGVAmerica releases 2014 NGV Production/Sales Report

NGVAmerica has released it’s 2014 NGV Production/Sales Report after completing the organization’s annual survey of OEMs and approved aftermarket suppliers. The report provides natural gas vehicle (NGV) production/sales totals for the 2014 calendar year and analysis of market trends for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles. Read more »

Finland Leads European Implementation of EU Alt-Fuel Directive

| Finland, Helsinki | Source: NGVA Europe

NGVA Europe L-CNG event in Helsinki Mar2015Finland’s major industry representatives and political decision makers presented their ambitious plans for developing the Nordic region’s market for gas-powered mobility at NGVA Europe’s “2nd Regional Seminar: L-CNG for Transport”, held mid March in Helsinki. Finland has taken a lead role in implementing the EU Directive on deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure, with strong commitment from both the public and private sector to expand the domestic gas refuelling network, in particular the infrastructure for bunkering and distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG). Read more »

CNG Fuel Consumption Up in Bolivia’s Big Cities

| Bolivia, La Paz

CNG Station, BoliviaBolivia’s National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) reported that in 2014, the number of compressed natural gas (CNG) service stations in El Alto, the second largest city in the department of La Paz, grew to the extent that by end of year the city was rated third nationally for CNG fuel consumption by vehicles. Read more »

Venezuelan Auto Production for Jan-Feb is 40% NGV

| Venezuela, Caracas
Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CNG - Venezuela

Mitsubishi Lancer GLX CNG

According to the cumulative monthly production report for February this year, published by the Venezuelan Automotive Chamber (Cavenez), the demand for natural gas powered vehicles (NGVs) represents a major segment of market interest in new vehicles.  Of the 2,057 vehicles produced in Venezuela, 822 (40%) were equipped with compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel systems. Read more »

Argentina NGV Growth Up 9%

| Argentina, Buenos Aires

Argentina Enargas logoArgentina has 1,695,243 registered natural gas vehicles (NGVs) in its national fleet, according to 2014 statistics published by Enargas, an autonomous entity which functions under the Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services. That represents annual growth of almost 9% compared with the 2013 total of 1,559,343.

Read more »

Bolivia Performs Over 27,000 CNG Conversions in 2014

| Bolivia, La Paz

CNG Conversion Workshop in BoliviaBolivia’s Director General of the Executing Agency for Natural Gas Vehicles Conversion (EEC-GNV), Hernán Vega, has reported to the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, that 27,141 conversions to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) were carried out to public, private and state vehicles. Since commencing the NGV Conversion Program in 2010, 108,817 free conversions have been carried out. Read more »

Peru NGV Conversions May Reach 20 Thousand for 2014

| Peru, Lima
Masur Gazel Station

Masur Gazel Station, opened early 2014

The Peruvian Service Stations Association (AGESP) has cited Infogas figures to show the NGV market has recovered significantly in 2014. 18,029 vehicles were converted to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from January to October. AGESP says that if this trend continues, more than 20,000 cars will have been converted to CNG by end of year. Read more »

Finnish Biogas Statistics 2014 Published: Transport Use Dominates Growth

| Finland | Source: University of Eastern Finland

Gasum CBG-CNG filling station

Within the last decade transport use of biogas has grown 5400-fold in Finland. In 2013 transport consumption grew by 168 %, whereas electricity production decreased by 5 % and heat production decreased by 1 % compared to previous year. Raw biogas production increased by 2 %.

All upgraded biogas (biomethane) was produced from biowastes (liquid biowastes 75 %, solid biowastes 25 %) and all was consumed in vehicles. Upgraded biogas was not used for power and heat production. Read more »

Bravo Italy – 1,000 NGV Fuelling Stations

| Italy, Milan

metanoItaly has broken new NGV ground by reaching 1,000 natural gas filling stations, the latest being in Udine in the country’s far northeast and the other in the far south, in Misilmeri, Sicily. With an NGV population of more than 750,000 vehicles, Italy stands as the dominant NGV nation in Europe and the seventh largest by vehicle numbers worldwide. Read more »

Upward Movement for Czech Republic NGV Fleet and Stations

| Czech Republic

Czech PostThe Czech Republic has significantly expanded the uptake of natural gas vehicles (NGVs); 2013 consumption of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is up 44% compared to 2012, with increased use by the State, post office and transport companies, reports CNG4you. Over the last five years, consumption has apparently tripled. Read more »