| USA, Anderson IN
NGV Global Sponsor Profile

Keihin LogoAs part of the global Keihin family, Keihin North America is focused on exceeding customer expectations while being a responsible corporate citizen as a leading of manufacturer of vehicle engine management and climate control systems. This is reflected in our Corporate Principle, “We shall contribute to the future of mankind by the continuous creation of new value.” Keihin is committed to be at the forefront of new technologies resulting in a sustainable future. Key product areas supporting this goal include Gaseous Fuel System and Direct Injection System components. Read more »

Agility Fuel Systems Appoints New CEO

| USA, Santa Ana CA

Kathleen Ligocki, CEO Agility Fuel SystemsAgility Fuel Systems, a major developer and manufacturer of natural gas fuel systems for heavy duty vehicles in North America, has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer. Kathleen Ligocki, formerly CEO of Harvest Power, an organics management solutions company, will take up the role of CEO effective December 3rd, 2015. Read more »

NGV Village at WGC 2015 a Major Success

| France, Paris
Mr Jérôme Ferrier, NGV Village

Mr Jérôme Ferrier, IGU President, welcomes participants at the NGV Transportation Village inauguration.

WGC 2015 in Paris has drawn to a close. While there has been much high level discussion about gas supply, investment, exploration, policy and pricing in the meeting halls and on the exhibition floor, the busiest sector in the pavilion has been the Natural Gas for Transportation Village – a first for the World Gas Congress and now a successful template for future WGC events.

The Village inauguration ceremony was addressed by the President of the International Gas Union (IGU), Mr Jérôme Ferrier, who welcomed participants and spoke of the rapidly increasing recognition and demand for natural gas as a cleaner, economic fuel, and his desire for NGV industry companies to succeed at WGC 2015.

“The focus of our event will be to draw together all stakeholders in this fuel evolution, increase awareness of a rapidly evolving industry, and plan for a sustainable energy future that is safe, reliable and economically viable. I am confident that by collaborating with industry leaders such as NGV Global and their peers, we are moving ever closer to real solutions that will consolidate the essential role that gas has to play in tomorrow’s world,” Mr. Ferrier concluded. Read more »

Clean Energy Homogenises Subsidiary Brands

| USA, Newport Beach CA

Clean Energy Fuels facilityClean Energy Fuels Corp.’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, IMW Industries, NorthStar Inc. and Clean Energy Renewable Fuels (CERF) have been renamed and redefined as divisions of Clean Energy Fuels Corp. IMW Industries is now Clean Energy Compression, NorthStar is now Clean Energy Cryogenics and CERF is now Clean Energy Renewables. Read more »

Parker – A Positive Impact


parker logoWith annual sales exceeding $13 billion in fiscal year 2013, Parker Hannifin is the world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets.

Parker Hannifin offers the widest range of specially designed components for both natural gas stations as well as vehicles. These include:
Finite Coalescent/Particle Filters, A-Lok, CPI and Seal-Lok Fittings, 2 and 3 port CNG Ball Valves, Solenoid Valves, Check Valves, CNG Flexible Hoses, Rigid Tubes, Snaptite Breakaway Coupler, NGV Nozzle and Receptacle and High Pressure (Veriflo) Regulators.

Parker also offers a wide range of sub-assemblies and systems for the industry including the reliable Parker CNG Dispenser. Read more »

Keihin North America Joins NGV Global

Keihin LogoNGV Global welcomes new Corporate Sponsor Keihin North America, Inc. (Keihin). Reducing harmful emissions through the use of accessible, proven technology is central to Keihin’s corporate philosophy. Keihin is a world leader in the high quality, long life, precision components that form the heart of your gaseous fuel engine system. The company has components, including precision gaseous injectors, designed for gasoline bi-fuel, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid propane gas (LPG), and hydrogen gas (H2). Website:

Agility Fuel Systems Joins NGV Global

Agility Fuel SystemsNGV Global welcomes new Corporate Sponsor Agility Fuel Systems. Based in Santa Ana, California, Agility Fuel Systems is a leading designer and producer of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and other alternative fuel storage and delivery systems for heavy duty trucks, buses and specialty vehicles. Their equipment has been used on thousands of trucks and buses with a proven track record for economy and reliability. The company also manufactures portable refueling stations used to transport and deliver CNG, hydrogen and other industrial gases.