Carrier Transicold’s CNG Refrigeration on CNG-Powered Trucks

| France, Lyon
Petit Forestier: with Carrier Supra CNG Refrigerant System

Dual-usage CNG (Image: Petit Forestier)

Carrier Transicold’s new compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered Supra® multi-temperature truck refrigeration prototype unit has won the Solutrans 2017 Innovation Award (bronze) in the equipment category. Displayed at the event held at Lyon Eurexpo, the new unit is a high performance, sustainable solution that helps significantly reduce emissions and increase operator efficiencies. 

“We are excited and proud to win the Innovation Award today,” said Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, managing director, Carrier Transicold, Southern Europe. “The Supra CNG-powered unit is an ideal and efficient solution to support the activities of our customers in urban distribution. Our new unit will help boost the energy transition related to refrigerated transport and ease our customers’ daily challenges regarding traffic regulations.”

The Supra CNG-powered refrigeration unit was evaluated based on the following criteria: technical, engineering, safety compliance, environmental and performance. Compared to compression ignition diesel engines, the overall benefits include:

–       A single fuel source (CNG) to power the vehicle engine and refrigeration unit, allowing for a single fuel refill point

–       Up to 95 per cent reduction in particle emissions

–       Up to 70 per cent reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions

–       Up to 20 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions

–       Reduction of noise, vibrations, odors and smoke, improving operator and neighboring community comfort

–       Possibility of using biogas made of organic waste

Carrier Supra Refrigerant System“At Carrier Transicold, our focus has always been on developing sustainable refrigeration solutions for our customers,” said Jean-Pascal Vielfaure, managing director, Southern Europe, Carrier Transicold. “We expect the new CNG-powered Supra unit will help speed up the energy transition in urban transport refrigeration, particularly as the use of diesel may be increasingly limited in some European cities.”

Single Fuel Source – Two CNG Applications

Designed to use a single fuel source to power both the engine on a CNG-powered truck and the refrigeration unit, the Supra unit requires just a single refill point for both, which can save time and money and help increase operator productivity. But the benefits extend beyond just a reduction in overall costs, there is an environmental component as well. Using natural gas enables significant reductions in emissions — 95 per cent fewer particulate emissions, 70 per cent fewer nitrogen oxide emissions and 20 per cent fewer CO2 emissions.

Petit Forestier – a Carrier development partner

Petit Forestier, a leading refrigeration rental company in Europe, has already trialed the new Carrier Transicold innovation.

“With our face to the future and eyes on tomorrow’s world, Petit Forestier strives to fully integrate sustainable development throughout the company’s life cycle,” said Arnaud de Cespedes, president, Petit Forestier. “Working with Carrier Transicold and Iveco, we are excited about this innovative CNG-powered solution because it combines environmental sustainability with efficient operational technology for our customers.”

Petit Forestier, along with Iveco, showcased at Solutrans the first Eurocargo 16-ton rigid truck (Iveco 16 T EURO VI) that runs exclusively on natural gas for both its drive engine and refrigeration unit.

Urban applications

Transports Perrenot, a large French transport company and delivery provider for Carrefour, a mass retailer in France, have also pioneered Carrier Transicold’s CNG-powered Supra, using the unit on a 19-ton rigid Iveco Stralis truck for deliveries to Carrefour stores throughout Paris. The Supra unit is ideal for urban distribution, offering fresh and frozen multi-temperature applications in up to three compartments. Fitted with an independent tank for the natural gas engine of the refrigeration unit, the CNG-powered unit maintains cold chain integrity, allowing for full autonomy of the refrigeration unit even when the truck is idling.

In addition, CNG refrigeration unit engines reduce noise and vibrations, as well as fumes and smoke as compared to compression ignition diesel engines, which helps improve operating conditions for the driver and the communities they serve. Noise reduction is important for truck deliveries in high density urban areas in the morning or late at night, as more municipalities across Europe enact noise ordinances.

The Supra CNG-powered units will be in full production by November 2018.

Carrier Transicold, which operates in France as Carrier Transicold France, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

Source: Carrier Transicold France

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