Capstone Expands CARB Certifications for CNG Hybrids

| USA, Chatsworth CA

Capstone Turbine Corporation, a clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, has released the C30 and C65 natural gas fueled microturbines that meet extremely low global emission standards, including California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements for New On-Road Heavy-Duty Engines for Urban Bus — Hybrid service. Capstone says its natural gas fueled microturbines are the only engines certified to the CARB On-Road Heavy-Duty Engine emissions levels for Model Year 2011 that operate with no exhaust aftertreatment. 

Test emissions from both the C30 and C65 Natural Gas microturbines measured dramatically less than the emissions levels set forth by the CARB standard including NOX at 75% and CO at 96% less than the required levels. Emissions were achieved using the next generation of Capstone’s lean premix combustion technology and without impact to product efficiency, additional cost or increased vehicle weight.

Mark Gilbreth, Capstone’s Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said “Technologies to reduce harmful emissions, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce product cost continue to be the focus of our engineering development activities to advance our microturbine product to be the market leading engine technology.”

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