Canada’s First Retail Hydrogen Vehicle Refuelling Station Opens

| Canada: Calgary AB

Vancouver H2 retail station by Shell and HTECShell and Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation (HTEC) have launched Canada’s first retail hydrogen refuelling station for fuel cell electric vehicles, located in Vancouver. This is the first of three sites that Shell and HTEC plan to open in British Columbia’s capital city.

“After bringing hydrogen refuelling sites to other markets globally, we are excited to work with Vancouver-based technology provider, HTEC, to add even more locations to our growing network,” said Oliver Bishop, GM of Hydrogen for Shell. “This is early days for hydrogen in Canada, but we believe hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles have the potential to be an important part of a future low-carbon transport system.”

Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles convert hydrogen into electricity and produce only heat and water when driven. They offer an alternative to the conventional internal combustion engine, a driving experience similar to battery electric vehicles, and zero local emissions. Hydrogen vehicles can drive up to 700 kilometers and can be refuelled in a few minutes at a standard station with a hydrogen dispenser.

The launch of the Vancouver station follows similar openings in the UK, California, and in Germany, where Shell is part of a joint venture with the ambition to open a network of up to 400 hydrogen sites by 2023. Shell is also assessing the potential of future projects in the United States, Switzerland, Austria, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, China and the Netherlands.

Michael Crothers, Shell Canada President and Country Chair gratefully acknowledged the collaboration between industry and government that was instrumental in making this station a reality. Critical investment in the station comes from LGM Financial Services, along with funding from both the Provincial and Federal governments, through the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and Western Economic Diversification Canada’s WINN initiative respectively.

“HTEC is proud to be partnering with Shell to build three retail hydrogen stations as part of a six-station network in Greater Vancouver and Victoria,” said Colin Armstrong, CEO of HTEC. “Refuelling infrastructure must be in place to support hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle rollouts and it’s exciting to see Canada’s first wave of retail hydrogen refuelling stations being built here in BC.”

Shell is investing in the development of new fuels. We believe that all fuel and vehicle options will be required over the coming decades to meet growing demand for transport, reduce CO2 emissions, improve air quality and respond to changing customer needs.

Source: Shell Canada

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