Canada Permits Quantum Virtual Pipeline Trailers

| USA: Lake Forest CA | Source: Quantum Fuel Systems LLC

Quantum Tech supplies CNG by virtual pipelineQuantum Fuel Systems, manufacturer of Compressed Natural Gas fuel systems for the automotive and heavy-duty industry, has been granted Canadian Equivalency Certification for its Virtual Pipeline Trailers by Transport Canada. This certification enables Quantum’s Virtual Pipeline Trailers to be registered and utilized in Canada.

In Canada, the CNG cylinders are approved in accordance with TC-SU-5931, which is based on ISO11119-3.2 and BS 3.3.9, TC-3FCM, CAN/CSA B339 and other Transport Canada requirements. Transport Canada is the department within the government of Canada which is responsible for developing regulations, policies and services of transportation in Canada.

“We are committed to continue to build our portfolio of product offerings to support our customers diverse needs. Receiving the Equivalency Certification from Transport Canada now allows us to support our customers in the Canadian market to meet the energy needs of their customers in the most efficient way possible,” said Mark Arold, president of Quantum Fuel Systems LLC.

Permitted by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in September 2014, Quantum has been selling its product line of various-sized Virtual Pipeline Trailers in the United States since that time.

Quantum says its virtual pipeline solution for transporting CNG uses high capacity tanks with a longer tank life, and provides dollar-for-dollar more fuel at a lower cost with fewer trailers and increased uptime. These high-capacity trailers are easily transportable domestically and globally. Quantum manufactures Virtual Pipeline Trailers in sizes to economically meet any customer’s needs, including but not limited to:

  • The VP5000 is configured up to 638 MCF @ 5,000 psi where trailer weight can exceed 80,000 lbs
  • The VPLite51  is configured up to 530 MCF @ 3,600 psi and is under 80,000 lbs of total weight
  • The VPLite45 is configured up to 470 MCF @ 3,600 psi and is under 80,000 lbs of total weight

Source: Quantum Fuel Systems LLC – a member of NGVAmerica

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