Campos Group Diversifies to Include CNG in Peru

| Peru, Lima

Peru’s Campos Group, through their San Ignacio fuel station company and Energy Network Operator (Red Operadora de Energía – ROE), has diversified from serving liquid fuels to set up its own network of stations selling compressed natural gas (CNG) in Peru. The decision to supply CNG  is in response to the trend toward cleaner fuels for a cleaner environment and improved economy, says ROE’s general manager, Fernando Campos. Last week ROE opened its first service station in Peru to serve CNG in the Lima district of Villa Maria del Triunfo, built at a cost of USD 1.8 million and which will supply vehicles south of Lima with CNG, LPG and other liquid fuels.

“The group has over 40 years in the fuel sector with the San Ignacio company and now we are using best practices to break into the business of CNG and LPG,” Campos said. The company has plans to install twelve stations over the next two years.

Jorge Juárez, general manager of the Peruvian Chamber of Natural Gas Vehicles (CPGNV), estimated in October last year that by end of 2015 there will be 340,000 vehicles using CNG in Lima and the provinces, which implies a potential for the development of more service stations. By end of 2011 NGVs are expected to increase 20% over last year’s figure of 103,712.

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