Calvera NG-Pods Head to Northern Europe

| Spain, Zaragoza

Calvera NG-PodSpanish company Calvera, a manufacturer of high pressure compressed gas transport and storage equipment based in Épila, has reached agreement with Finnish biogas technology company Envor Protech Oy, to handle the distribution of biogas and compressed natural gas in the north of Europe.

The agreement will see a first shipment of Calvera NGPods manufactured shipped to Finland in the near future. NGPod® is a module for the transportation and distribution of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Biogas produced by CALVERA Gas Technology. It is a standard and scalable cell suitable for establishing a small scale CNG / Biogas distribution system. The NGPod® is born to meet the demand of gas distribution companies with the need to supply remote populations.

Envor Protech Oy produces, stores and distributes biogas (renewable natural gas – RNG)  to end customers such as vehicle refueling stations or industry clients. Envor is involved in major projects such as the construction of a new complete biogas plant in Finland with a budget of around EUR 20 million (USD 22.2m).

To facilitate its use, the Calvera Group has also developed the NG TRUCK solution, a towing base compatible with all the tractors on the market that allows the transport of 10 NGPod units and includes their fixing and filling together, as well as the cargo manoeuvres and unloading thanks to an integrated crane that can be incorporated.


(Source: Calvera)

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