Bus Depot Largest Biomethane Refueller in Gothenburg

| Sweden, Gothenburg

Biomethane Bus Depot GoethenburgNeoplan Väst AB recently opened a 32,000 square meter bus service centre in Gothenburg. There the bus operator Keolis Sverige AB will look after its entire bus fleet, which includes 90 CNG buses from MAN that are fuelled with biogas from the company’s own filling station. It is the largest bus depot and the largest biogas filling station in the city and offers space for 125 buses.

The depot provides all-round service for city buses: beside a gas filling station a new two-lane washing system for city buses has been installed, as has an extra lane for cleaning the interiors. Biogas (biomethane) is supplied by AGA Gas AB. It has been designed to cater for expansion up to 200 buses in future.

Neoplan Väst and Neoplan Syd run the service network for central and southern Sweden and sell MAN and Neoplan buses in these regions.

Keolis Sverige AB operates the bus transport services on Hisingen, Sweden’s fourth largest and most highly populated island, which forms part of Gothenburg.

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