Bunker Holding Launches LNG Maritime Project in Denmark

| Denmark, Middelfart

Port of Frederikshavn MapBunker Holding, headquartered in Middelfart in central Denmark, is planning the establishment of production facilities for LNG in Frederikshavn, a port town at the north-east end of the Jutland Peninsula. Together with subsidiary Unioil Supply A/S, Bunker Holding has established cooperation with several Danish partners in the LNG field. The parties are already well into the planning of a production facility in the town, which will produce LNG for the maritime sector in Denmark and Sweden.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) can at present only be sourced from one of the major LNG terminals abroad. The establishment of a production facility in Frederikshavn will exploit the well-developed natural gas network in Denmark, to produce local LNG. The Port of Frederikshavn is ideally located adjacent to the Strait at Skagen, where approximately 100,000 ships pass annually.

The production plant is to be provided by the Danish company Kosan Crisplant A/S, a supplier of equipment for infrastructure and facilities associated with the production and handling of gas. In recent years it has moved into the LNG market, supplying fully automatic emission-free plants for the bunkering of LNG ships and scalable liquefaction plants.

“To produce LNG or LBG from the natural gas network is a new growth area for us. We look forward to creating a first-class project that will form the framework for a unique reference project to our international customers and put Jutland and Frederikshavn on the LNG world map,” says Bo Larsen, Commercial Director at Kosan Crisplant. “The project will increase traffic in Frederikshavn Harbour and will also create local jobs in both construction and operational phases.”

Unioil Supply A/S, Bunker Holdings subsidiary in Aalborg will be responsible for the commercial part of the LNG project. Unioil Supply has already successfully delivered LNG in Denmark.

Peter Zachariassen, Head of Physical in Bunker Holding, explained the group of companies is ready to cover the whole of Denmark and Sweden, He continues: “LNG is part of the future and it is important for us to stay abreast of developments and to offer our customers the diversification of our product portfolio. Several companies have already shown great interest in our project, which helps to emphasize Denmark’s focus on green energy.”

One of the companies which have already invested in LNG-powered ships, is Terntank Rederi A / S, headquartered in Skagen. Managing Director Jens P. Buchhave says “Terntank strongly welcomes this initiative in Frederikshavn Harbour. We have long called for big bunker suppliers tot ake up the initiative to offer LNG, and this new set-up fits perfectly with our strategy, where we already have four ships on order which will sail on LNG.”

(Source: Port of Frederikshavn)

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