Budapest CNG Fleet Grows to 100

| Hungary, Budapest

Iveco CNG-Powered Refuse TruckThe municipality of Budapest signed the contract with Eurotrade Kft., Hungarian Iveco dealer, for the purchase of 60 MSW (municipal solid waste) collector trucks powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The adoption of these vehicles is celebrated by the Hungarian Gas Transport Cluster Association (MGKKE), particularly given the acquisition will bring the total number of CNG-powered heavy duty vehicles in the city fleet to 100.

The three axle, 300 horsepower Iveco Stralis rigid truck will be paired with Stümmer waste collector bodywork. The vehicles will function as part of the new “selected house waste collection program” of Budapest. Meanwhile, 400 thousand new dustbins are already under distribution using three CNG powered Eurocargo trucks, procured at an earlier date from Iveco.

The Iveco trucks, complaint to Euro VI emission requirements, will reduce both air and noise pollution in the city.

(Source: MGKKE)

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