Brit European Wins Low Carbon Award

| United Kingdom
UK Brit European Low Carbon Award Winner

John Baldwin, MD of CNG Services
with Graham Lackey CEO of Brit European

Logistics company, Brit European has won the Low Carbon Award at Motor Transport Awards 2014 for successfully reducing carbon emissions using bio-­CNG supplied from Crewe CNG filling station, which is the largest in the UK. The company won the award by reducing carbon emissions using dual-fuel trucks that run on a mixture of diesel and natural gas made from renewable sources, known as Biomethane (bio-CNG).

The Environmental Efficiency project, launched in 2012, had an overall aim to reduce carbon emissions by 25% and lower operating costs by up to 5% through the use of Biomethane (bio‐CNG). Now, 36 dual-fuel Mercedes Actros tractors are in operation with conversions by the Hardstaff Group.

John Baldwin, managing director of CNG Services commented: “This is a great achievement by one of our customers, showing that by using bio‐CNG environmental targets can be achieved without compromising service to customers.”

The judges were pleased to see that Brit European’s success had been measured by effectively validating the substitution rates of Biomethane to diesel in its vehicles through the use of telematics to track the vehicles and monitor diesel/gas consumption and CO2 output.

The judges also felt Brit European had capably demonstrated how low carbon initiatives can improve profit in a sustainable manner by “recognising the environmental, social and economic benefits required of the business when setting targets”. Overall the project has seen the firm lower its CO2 output from its trucks by between 15% and 18%, utilising bio-methane from landfill and anaerobic digestion for further CO2 reductions of up to 25%, and also reducing tailpipe particulate emissions.

Brit European dual-fuel Mercedes Actros

Brit European dual-fuel Mercedes Actros

In a wider context, its work has helped raise the profile of dual-fuel and contributed significantly to the expansion of gas refuelling systems through redesigning the truck chassis to accommodate storage tanks and developing a portable fuelling system that maintains the same compression capabilities of a permanent site.

CNG Services flagship Crewe Bio‐CNG Filling Station is the largest in the UK, offering a reliable fuel supply for dual-fuel and dedicated CNG trucks Low carbon Bio‐CNG offers an opportunity for business to make significant savings in fleet operating costs, whilst having lower emissions of NOₓ and particulates.

(Source: CNG Services)

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