BP Technology Outlook 2018

| United Kingdom, London

BP has issued an updated BP Technology Outlook which examines the potential of technology to change the way we produce and use energy to 2050. It concludes Natural Gas has an important role in a two-degree world, being used in power, transport and heat, with potential for even greater use if plentiful shale resources are further developed.

This publication is the second BP Technology Outlook; the first was published in 2015. The research undertaken for this edition, carried out during 2015-17*, has been expanded to include deeper studies of important areas. It is designed to inform thinking in business, governments, academia and beyond.

BP says Natural gas has continued importance for transportation as part of the world energy mix. “For heavy trucks, liquefied natural gas (LNG) could grow in use as it represents a cost effective, lower-carbon alternative to diesel.”

Also, the report proposes natural gas can be decarbonized by blending it with hydrogen or biogas. “Decarbonized gas is not currently projected to make progress at a pace comparable to digital innovation, renewable power and energy storage. However, we include it among our game changers because our projections suggest it has an important role in the most cost-effective energy mix for a lower carbon future, and putting a price on carbon could drive wider-scale deployment.”

BP Technology Outlook 2018 (pdf)

Source: BP

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