Bonett’s CNG Fuel Sales in Czech Republic Highest for Third Year

| Czech Republic, Prague

Bonett 32nd CNG StationBonett has become the Czech Republic’s biggest CNG vendor for transport for the third year running. In 2017, it sold more than 9 million m3, a record volume that was 20% larger than in 2016, which in turn was up by almost 13% on 2015.

Bonett can also boast of the most extensive network of proprietary CNG fuelling stations: it operates 32 fuelling stations (image is of most recent station opened), the biggest network in the country.

The Bonett Group experienced another very successful year, achieving 13.33% of the overall 2017 CNG market. Natural gas is thriving in the Czech Republic; last year, 67.6 million m3 was sold for transport, implying that consumption increased by 13.9% year-on-year. The forthcoming new models of vehicles such as long-range CNG-fuelled Škoda Octavia, Škoda Rapid, and Seat Arona are expected to provide a further boost to growth.

“The fact that we again sold more gas on a year-on- year basis is also attributable to the quick pace at which we are rolling out our CNG fuelling station network,” says Václav Holovčák, Vice-Chairman of Bonett Gas Investment. At the end of 2017, Bonett’s fuelling station network was worth almost EUR 12 million.

The launch of cooperation with the MAKRO chain was crucial for the network rollout in 2017. “We want to continue in the same pace of network rollout again this year when we are planning to open up to 15 new Bonett CNG stations across the Czech Republic; the expected capital expenditure is more than EUR 4 million,” Václav Holovčák unveils the plans for this year.

According to the Czech Gas Association, almost 20,000 CNG vehicles are riding on Czech roads, or which more than 4,000 were added last year. The network of CNG fuelling stations is continuously expanding and 172 of them are currently in operation. The number of towns and cities with public transportation fleets powered by CNG rose from 50 at the end of 2016 to 60 at the end of 2017.

In particular public municipal transport buses account for the largest share of CNG consumption. “Almost one half of all CNG buses are filled from equipment supplied by the Bonett group, and we fill more than 15% buses from stations in which we have invested,” adds Václav Holovčák, Vice-Chairman of Bonett Gas Investment.

For example, the group is currently building a large fuelling station for the Děčín municipal transport company; the station has four dispensers with a capacity of up to 700 cubic metres of CNG per hour and will serve a fleet of over 20 CNG buses supplied by MAN. The group is preparing additional projects.

Bonett makes the point that for further CNG development, long-term support by the government is crucial.

Source: Bonett Gas Investment a.s. – a member of NGVA Europe and associate member of NGV Global

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