Bonett Plans 40 CNG Stations in Czech Republic by End 2017

| Czech Republic, Prague
MACRO CNG Station at Čestlice

CNG Station at Makro in Čestlice

Bonett Gas Investment, the Czech Republic’s largest vendor of CNG for transport, continues to strengthen its network of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations. In the coming weeks, it will open new new stations, expanding its network to over three dozen. It is the largest network within the Czech Republic.

‘June and July will be really a record for us, so many filling stations have never been opened in such a short time,’ says Vaclav Holovcak, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bonett Gas Investment.

In rapid succession, CNG filling stations will be opened in the shopping centre at the D1 motorway in Čestlice, Pardubice, then in Stodůlky, Náchod, on the D1 motorway near Brno and on the D5 motorway near Tachov. The CNG station at Václav Havel Airport in Prague Ruzyne will be Bonett’s 30th CNG station. “The negotiation of construction in this locality was very complicated and long, because of the large number of cars that are moving here. It is a very prestigious location for us,” says Holovčák.

Another station is going to open Bonett in Brno near the Makro hypermarket, plans are also other stations in Ostrava, Pilsen and other cities.

The new filling stations have a high compression capacity and are equipped with tanks for more than 1,200m3 of CNG, taking about 2 to 3 minutes to fill the vehicle. Stations are additionally ready to quickly boost performance by more than 500 cubic meters per hour if demand grows.

Bonett also has plans to open additional filling stations, aiming to exceed 40 CNG stations by the end of 2017. The company will invest more than 170 million korunas (USD 7.25 million).

“The money will go to the construction of new stations and to the reconstruction and strengthening of the capacity of some of our existing stations, which, thanks to the growing interest of motorists needed to increase capacity. For example, last week we thus significantly increased the performance of our station in Žebrák, where we expect to increase sales by 30%,” Holovčák explained.

(Source: Bonett Gas Investment, a.s.)

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