Bonett Closes 2017 with 32 CNG Filling Stations; 15 more for 2018

| Czech Republic, Prague

Bonett 32nd CNG StationCzech gas vendor Bonett Gas Investment, a.s. (Bonett) has opened another four new CNG fuelling stations. Two of them are in Brno near the D1 Motorway, one is located next to the Václav Havel Airport in Prague near the D7 Motorway, and another on the D5 Motorway. Bonett therefore currently operates as many as 32 proprietary stations.

In recognition of its commitment to rolling out the CNG refueling network, Bonett has received an award for environmental benefits, which was conferred as part of the 10th edition of the prestigious ALD Automotive Fleet Awards competition.

Visitors of the MAKRO hypermarket in Brno on the Kaštanová Street, situated near a major traffic hub – an intersection of the D1 and D2 Motorways – can now use two dispensers equipped with four nozzles. The other Brno fuelling station is situated on the 207th kilometre of the D1 Motorway in the Ostrava direction next to the well-known roadside cafe adjacent to the OMV fuel filling station at Rohlenka.

The 32nd CNG station has started to sell fuel at the Esotank petrol station located at exit 128 from the D5 Motorway, which connects the Czech capital, Prague, and the German city of Nurnberg. This station is strategically located for drivers traveling to Germany because it is the last before the Rozvadov border crossing. It is also readily accessible for trucks directly from the motorway exit and without detours,” highlights Vaclav Holovcak, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bonett Gas Investment.

All four of Bonett’s new stations have sufficient compression capacity and storage cylinders for more than 1,200 cubic metres of compressed natural gas (CNG); using them, a passenger car can be filled in two to three minutes. The payment terminals accept the privileged Bonett CNG cards, other CNG cards, and also conventional bank payment cards.

In addition to the already operating stations Bonett continues to build new stations. “Through opening new stations, we would like to reinforce our position as number one in the Czech market; we plan to open up to 15 additional new stations in 2018, and we would like to have over 60 stations in 2020,” said Holovčák. Bonett’s investments will be channelled not only into the construction of new stations but also into the modernisation of existing stations that no longer have the required capacity due to the rising number of vehicles.

Bonett builds not only its own stations, it is also the largest supplier of CNG stations in the Czech Republic. The company is currently building a large filling station with four dispensers with a capacity of up to 700 cubic meters CNG per hour for a fleet of more than 20 MAN CNG buses.

The jury of the 10th edition of the specialised poll called ALD Automotive Fleet Awards, organised by the FLEET firemní automobily trade journal, has also appreciated the effort to support and promote CNG in the Czech Republic. The jury has awarded Bonett in the Environmental Benefits section. The CNG network will expand ecological transportation and reduce traffic emissions: combustion of CNG as a fuel reduces CO2 emissions by 25% compared to petrol, CO emissions by 80% and nitrogen emissions by 80%.

Source: Bonett Gas Investment a.s. – a member of NGVA Europe and associate member of NGV Global

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