Bolivia’s Natural Gas Fleet Grows to Over 330,000

| Bolivia, La Paz

Fulfilling the constitutional mandate to work on changing the energy matrix of Bolivia, the Implementing Entity Conversion to Natural Gas Vehicles (EEC-GNV) has carried out since 2010 116,249 free conversions. The conversions performed by the government, together with those carried out before the existence of the program amount to 331,550 vehicles using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), representing more than 48% of the national fleet using gasoline which can technically be converted to CNG.

During the period 2012-2014, all of these NGVs generated savings of more than $250 million to the state in the resources allocated to the subsidy of gasoline.

The director general of EEC-GNV, Fernando Salinas, reported that since 2010 conversions have been carried out fully resourced from the Conversion Fund, which is allocated 0.20 cents per cubic meter of gas consumed thanks to the nationalization of hydrocarbons.

The program covers natural gas conversion kit, CNG cylinder and cost of labor for installation of equipment in authorized workshops. Additionally, vehicle operators are saving of 50% in fuel expense.

EEC-GNV plans to exceed 133 000 free CNG conversions in 2015. To perform these conversions, EEC-GNV has authorised more than 280 workshops.

(Source: Government of Bolivia)

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