Bolivia Sets Up Mass NGV Conversion Process with Chinese Firm

| Bolivia

Under Supreme Decree 0675 and 0764, of January 12, 2011, the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy (MHE) reached a preliminary agreement with Chinese firm Eastern Petroleum & Gas SA, for the mass conversion of vehicles to use natural gas for vehicles, with emphasis on the fleet dedicated to public transport, commencing April. The company is offering to supply gas cylinders, installation kits, training of national manpower to perform conversions at an accelerated pace and funding of all work in conditions suitable for Bolivia.

Eastern Petroleum & Gas SA has offered to place three industrial workshops in the capitals of the country’s central axis, which can convert up to 100 vehicles per day. The company also offered to bring a dozen technicians familiar with the equipment into the country, to trainĀ  about three hundred Bolivian mechanics, who will be tasked with the conversion.

This item compiled using information from a Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, Bolivia press release.

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