Bolivia Pushes CNG Cylinder Registration for NGVs

| Bolivia, La Paz

CNG annotation instructions for Bolivian NGV mechanicsBolivia’s National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) has reaffirmed its intention to fully implement a three-step process for recording Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders for natural gas vehicles (NGV). A visual-reference annotation will have real information on the technical condition of the equipment. The registration process is being implemented to ensure the ongoing safety of drivers and users.

The annotation is adhered to the CNG cylinder on vehicles converted to natural gas. Registration is free and compulsory; the procedure takes no more than five minutes and the deadline to register is set for October 17. After this date the regulator has deemed that drivers without registered cylinders will not be able to refuel.

Currently there are 358,311 NGVs in circulation in the country, of which only 53,685 are using registered cylinders as at 10 June, the previously imposed deadline.

Simple Three-Step Process

1. The driver of public or private transport takes the vehicle to a cylinder CNG conversion workshop authorized by the ANH or to an approved service station.

2. The conversion workshop or CNG service station mechanic records the data from the cylinder, including the year of manufacture and origin, onto an ANH form. Relevant information is then recorded on a sticker or decal and certified as correct.

3. The mechanic affixes the sticker to the cylinder, as proof that the equipment was subjected to the registration process.

ANH’s coordinating District Coordination, Walter Segovia, explains that although a cylinder has a lifespan of 20 years, it needs to be re-certified every five years. Notwithstanding, workshop mechanics will also conduct annual checks on the condition of cylinders.

(Source: ANH)

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