Bolivia Commences CNG Cylinder Reclassification Program

| Bolivia

Bolivia’s Executing Agency for Conversion to Vehicular Natural Gas (CEE-VNG) has kicked off a national reclassification program for compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders and kits, starting in Cochabamba, where testing began two weeks ago, said Executive General Director, Carlos Asport.

Testing is without charge, but repair and replacement incurs a cost. New replacement cylinders are provided and fitted by CEE-VNG for around USD 86. Conversion kits are also checked for deterioration and repaired, if necessary, at a cost of USD 360. New and/or approved CNG equipment is then certified for a further five years.

The EEC-GNV estimates it will process 4,000 cylinder reclassifications by end 2011.

As a safety measure, when a cylinder is decommissioned, it is required by law to be fully disabled by a qualified person to ensure the cylinder cannot return to the market.

This article compiled using information from a Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy press release.

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