Boden Doubles Biomethane Fuel Production

| Sweden, Boden | Source: svt

Boden, the northernmost city in Sweden, has been producing biogas (73% CH4) since 2003. In 2007, the Svedjan site was further developed to include a biogas upgrading plant, enabling the biogas to be upgraded to biomethane (~97% CH4) for use in vehicles.  At that time, the plant became Sweden’s northernmost biogas cleaning operation, a position it still holds. Now, working together with the municipality of Boden and the University of Lulea, biomethane production capacity is to be doubled, reports svt.The renewable natural gas, generated from processing of food waste and sludge from wastewater, is used to run all bus services in Boden.

Additionally, another 100 municipality vehicles and about 100 private vehicles also use the fuel. All vehicles use fast-fill dispensers for refueling at a refueling station approximately 0.5 km from the waste treatment plant.

The successful implementation of the waste-to-fuel project has stimulated other northern regional towns to follow suit.

Plant manager, Urban Jansson, reportedly said biomethane is one of the fuels of the future, with increased production a step in the right direction toward reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

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