BOC Opens Its First Fully Public LNG Refuelling Unit in UK

| United Kingdom

UK BOC LNGBOC, UK supplier of compressed and liquefied gases and a member of The Linde Group, is to install a liquefied natural gas (LNG) HGV refuelling unit in the UK at Exelby’s Golden Fleece Service station in Cumbria this spring.  This will be BOC’s first LNG fuel unit on an existing fuel forecourt for HGVs in the UK and hence BOC’s first fully public access LNG refuelling unit.

Exelby Services, a UK pioneer of land transport diesel bunkering, stores fuel for most of the major transport, distribution and fuel card companies in the UK. It is one of the largest independent bunkering suppliers in the country and has fuel deopts specially designed to handle heavy duty trucks. The addition of BOC’s LNG refuelling unit represents an important step into the low-carbon fuel market for Exelby Services.

The LNG refuelling unit uses cryogenic cooling to ‘temperature-condition’ the fuel just prior to dispensing, and also incorporates the unique ‘zero loss’ refuelling technology, developed by BOC.

Managing Director Michael Exelby, commented: “Low carbon is an important part of Exelby Service’s environmental agenda and we are delighted to be able to offer LNG fuel to our HGV customers.”

The use of LNG as an alternative fuel, either as a replacement for or in conjunction with diesel, will reduce the total consumption of diesel in the HGV market and cut CO2 emissions. LNG typically accounts for up to 60 per cent of total fuel consumption for a dual-fuel vehicle. Diesel produces around 2.6 kg of CO2 for every litre burned, whereas LNG when used with diesel in a dual-fuel vehicle typically reduces CO2 emissions between 10 and 14 per cent.

LNG also produces virtually no sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions, less nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and less solid particle emissions than other fuels. 100% gas engines are either in a development or testing phase and will only further the reduction of emissions.

Mark Lowe LNG Business Manager, BOC, said: “BOC is proud to be working with Exelby as a partner on this important, environmentally friendly alternative to diesel. Our partnership with Exelby further demonstrates BOC’s long-term commitment to play an active part in the transition to low-carbon transport. This is the first part of our plan to provide LNG on-road fuelling across the UK’s HGV road network.”

(Source: BOC)

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