BOC Micro-LNG Plant Delivers Cleaner Energy to Queensland

| Australia, Chinchilla QLD
Chincilla Micro-LNG Plant

Chincilla Micro-LNG Plant (Image: GLP)

The development of a natural gas fuel network for cleaner, cheaper Australian fuel has stepped up another gear with the official opening of a dedicated micro‐LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) plant near the Queensland township of Chinchilla today. The plant was officially opened by the Queensland Premier Campbell Newman (who used the opportunity to also launch a new Queensland Fuels and Energy strategy).

BOC, a member of The Linde Group, has entered into a long‐term gas supply agreement with QGC Pty Ltd, which gas BOC will liquefy to produce LNG for a range of domestic fuel uses in the manufacturing, mining and long‐haul trucking markets. The gas will also be available for use in the stationary energy sector and for cleaner power generation in remote communities.

Gas Energy Australia’s CEO Mike Carmody welcomed Premier Newman’s announcement and BOC’s commitment to increasing the availability of Australian natural gas for use domestically. “By deciding to plan for a stronger domestic fuel future, and to recognise the potential of natural gas fuels, the Queensland Government has set an example for governments around Australia who are interested in reducing pollution and growing local jobs.”

GLP, based in Tullamarine, VIC., completed detailed design, supply and installation of a second Micro LNG Plant in Australia in 11 months.

Chincilla Micro-LNG Plant for BOC (built by GLP)The total spend for the gas, micro‐LNG plant and supply chain infrastructure by BOC will be over $200 million over 15 years , producing up to 50 tonnes of LNG per day into the domestic market, which is the equivalent of 70,000 litres of conventional diesel per day. LNG is around 25 to 30 per cent less expensive than diesel, and trucks running on LNG produce up to 25 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions and run up to 50% more quietly than diesel powered trucks.

BOC South Pacific Managing Director Colin Isaac said BOC is proud to be a leader in the Australian LNG space. “We will be supporting thousands of our customer’s manufacturing jobs and hope to continue to progress an ‘LNG highway’ for the heavy transport sector along Australia’s eastern seaboard,” Mr Isaac said.

BOC pioneered LNG in Australia with its Dandenong plant in Victoria over 30 years ago. BOC has also developed the micro‐LNG plant concept with its Tasmanian plant which was commissioned in 2010. “As we consider where to build future LNG plants, we are encouraged that the Queensland Government recognises the opportunity and need for Queensland to ensure it has cleaner and more diverse fuel options for the future. Natural gas fuels such as this locally produced LNG are good for the environment and are good for Australian skills and jobs,” Mr Isaac said.

Gas Energy Australia recently launched its Cleaner, Cheaper Australian Fuels campaign, which aims to reduce Australia’s carbon footprint, increase its fuel security and improve fuel affordability by increasing the use of natural gas domestically.

(Sources: BOC – The Linde Group, Gas Energy Australia)

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