Blue Corridor: Eiffel Tour NGV Rally

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Blue Corridor 2015St. Petersburg – Paris : 24 May – 3 June 2015

The Blue Corridor: Eiffel Tour 2015 NGV Rally, organised by Gazprom Export (Russia) and E.ON Global Commodities (Germany) and endorsed by the International Gas Union, NGV Global, and NGVA Europe will take place from 24 May to 3 June 2015. The Rally will be held in conjunction with the 26th World Gas Conference in Paris on 1-5 June 2015.

The Blue Corridor Rally will finish in Paris, with the official arrival ceremony set to take place at 12:00 on 3 June 2015. The ceremony will be followed by a Blue Corridor presentation at 17:30, during which the Rally’s participants will share their experiences with driving natural-gas-fuelled cars. The presentation will be held under the auspices of NGV Global, NGVA Europe and the Natural Gas for Transportation Village.

This year’s Blue Corridor Rally – the 9th edition – will cover 3,600 kilometers, driving along the motorways of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

Each year, participants in the Blue Corridor NGV Rally drive NGVs across Europe to showcase the benefits of natural gas as a vehicle fuel and encourage the construction of “blue corridors” with the natural gas fueling infrastructure necessary for the NGV market to grow. Events held along the route shine a spotlight on Europe’s progress toward cleaner, safer and more affordable mobility. During roundtable discussions at Blue Corridor NGV Rally stops, industry representatives, policymakers, environmentalists and auto enthusiasts focus on the advantages of natural gas in transport and recommendations for the future.

Should you have any questions on participating or supporting the 2015 Blue Corridor Rally, please do not hesitate to contact Gazprom Export or E.ON representatives:

Eugene Pronin: tel. +7 812 346-61-78, e-mail:
Andre Schumann: tel. +7 985 767-11-40, e-mail:

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