BL Energie Offers Alternative Diesel Replacement System for U.S. HGV Operators


Canada’s BL Energie, Inc. and U.S. based Blossman Services Inc., a subsidiary of The Blossman Companies, have entered into a new joint venture (JV) in the U.S. which will develop, certify, market and sell diesel displacement systems for heavy duty Class 7 & 8 trucks. The JV will offer “an alternative to carriers interested in converting new or existing trucks to propane autogas, LNG or CNG using the Prins DieselBlend technology,” says BL Energie Canada President Yvon Boisclair.

“BL Energie has successfully introduced diesel/propane hybrids to Canada since it was established in 2009,” Boisclair added. His company has converted more than 150 diesel truck (class 7 & 8) to Propane/diesel on multiple engine platform such as (Volvo, Detroit, Cummins & Caterpillar, and is ready to capitalise on expanding North American interest in natural and renewable (biomethane) gas fuel for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

Blossman Services Inc’s President Jessie Johnson added, “We are delighted to work with BL Energie Canada on this joint venture in the United States. BL Energie, USA will provide EPA and CARB certified systems for DieselBlend systems on Class 7 & 8 trucks.”

The diesel blend technology allows existing diesel engines to be converted to a dual-fuel blend of natural gas (or propane) and diesel reducing emissions and providing fuel cost savings up to 20%. Prins Autogassystemen B.V., a Netherlands-based developer of vapor liquid and direct injection engine technologies will be the technology provider for BL Energie USA.

BL Energie USA will be the U.S. distributor of the PRINS diesel/blend & displacement technology. Currently, a Detroit Diesel 14 L engine is undergoing certification testing.

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