Bit Viking Receives LNG Tanks for Dual-Fuel Operation

| Norway | Source: Landskrona Direkt

A floating crane loads the LNG tanks onto Bit Viking (image: Landskrona Direct)

Oresund Heavy Industries has taken up the challenge of lifting 230-ton liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks onto the 25,000 dwt product tanker ‘Bit Viking’ as part of the vessel’s conversion to dual-fuel (diesel natural gas) operation, reports Landskrona Direct. Oresund’s CEO, Jonas Hansson, says a conversion like this have ever been done before. Tarbit Shipping in Skärhamn and Finnish engine manufacturer Wärtsilä are carrying out the conversion. When work is completed, the Bit Viking will have two LNG tanks, each 500 cubic meters, located on the foredeck.

The technology means the ship will be able to comply with the increasingly stringent emissions regulations for NOx set by the Norwegian government, thereby reducing its cost of contributions to the NOx fund. This fund reportedly contributed 75% of the investment cost of the dual-fuel conversion.

Additionally, owners of the vessel will now be able to operate it in designated emission control areas (ECAs) approved by the IMO.

Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 30 percent compared to diesel and the figure for nitrogen oxide emissions is 85 percent. SUlfur emissions are zero, providing environmental benefit and extending engine life.

“This is a project for the future and fun for us that we are involved right from the start”, declares Hansson, who sees the market for vessel conversions to LNG opening up.

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