Biomethane Vehicle-Fuel Sales Increase in Sweden

| Sweden

(Image: FordonsGas)

According to a report from Energigas Sweden, the Swedish member-funded industry organisation that works to increase the use of gaseous fuels such as natural gas, sales of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) rose 19.4 percent in the first six months of 2012, compared to last year. While sales figures are still rising signs of a slowdown in growth and a marked decline in sales of gas cars.

The figures have been supplied by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Statistics Sweden, which provides the fuel data.

The proportion of renewable biomethane in natural gas fuel for vehicles remains well over 50 percent.

Energigas Sweden president Anders Mathiasson, says that while the fuel sales growth rate is to be celebrated, natural gas represents just 2% of total fuel used for road transport and needs to grow strongly in the years ahead. Combined with slowing car sales in June, Mathiasson believes both biogas producers and NGV buyers are waiting for clearer long-term policy decisions from the government, particularly relating to tax benefit extensions which are set to expire at the end of  2013.

NGVA Europe lists the following incentives currently being offered by the government in Sweden:

  • Zero fuel tax on biomethane
  • Low fuel tax on CNG
  • Reduction of personal income tax payable on the free personal use of a company car – value up to 8000 SEK (USD 1,221) annually
  • Financial support (normally up to 30 % of total investment) for some types of biomethane production units.

Today there are about 42,000 gas vehicles in Sweden, which collectively reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 126,000 tonnes of during the first half of 2012. More statistics on the number of gas cars, delivery of vehicle and number of filling stations for vehicle gas from 1995 onwards are available on

There are now a total of 135 public natural gas outlets in Sweden, plus 21 dedicated filling stations for certain vehicle fleets and companies and another 33 filling stations for buses (Editor note: non-public station count is as at end-2011).

(This article compiled using information from an Energigas Sweden press release)

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