Biomethane (RNG) Now Available for NGVs in Estonia

| Estonia: Tallinn

Tehnika St station in Tallinn, EstoniaAS Eesti Gaas (Estonia Gas) has opened a gas station in Tallinn where in addition to compressed natural gas, the company also sells renewable green gas or biomethane, a first for Estonia. The sale of innovative automotive fuel at Estonian Gas Gas stations was made possibile by Rohegaas OÜ (Greengas) establishing the first biomethane production unit in the Baltics in Kunda, about 110 kms east of the capital, Tallinn.“The Estonian state has committed to cover at least 10% of renewable fuels from transport by 2020, of which about one third would be biomethane,” said Kalle Palling, vice chairman of the Environment Committee of the Riigikogu (Estonia’s parliament). “Therefore, I hope that the Estonian people who value the environmental awareness are also taking on the biomethane quickly.

“From the perspective of Eesti Gaas, the sale of green gas, which is identical to natural gas, but one hundred percent renewable, is a logical decision in the light of future trends,” said Raul Kotov, Member of the Board of Eesti Gaas. “Compressed gas cars are coming to the market, people and companies are increasingly aware that compressed gas is fuel efficient and economical compared to petrol and diesel,” Kotov said, expressing hope that more public transport could be transferred to more environmentally friendly fuels in Tallinn.

Green gas or biomethane is produced from biogas. Biogas is a gas released as a result of fermentation processes, which is a normal part of the living environment, consisting mainly of methane and carbon dioxide. Biomethane is a very clean car like natural gas. Only CO2 and water vapor remain at its full combustion, with carbon dioxide emissions about 25% lower than that of petrol. Petrol and diesel also leave poisonous carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, hydrocarbons and soot. The gas engine also generates much less noise. As the gas transport takes place through pipelines, it does not create a load on the car or railways and thus reduces the amount of exhaust gases and noise in the environment.

Pumped gas is sold in kilograms, and when traveling with compressed gas, the price per kilometer is about two times lower than conventional fuel. A kilogram of biomethane costs 0.821 euros (USD 1.01) at the gas stations of Eesti Gaas. The price of natural gas is EUR 0.811 $1.00) per kilo.

In April, biomethane will be sold at Tallinntehnika (in Tehnika Street – see image). When production volume increases in May, the renewable fuel will be put up for sale at other gas stations in Estonia.

Eesti Gaas has eight gas stations, four of them in Tallinn, two in Pärnu, one in Tartu and one in Narva. This year, plans are also to open fuel stations in Viljandi, Rakvere and Jõhvi.

Source: AS Eesti Gas

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