Bill Proposes 100% Conversion of Curitiba Municipal Fleet to CNG

| Brazil, Curitiba

Carla Pimentel, Councilor of Curitiba, BrazilIn Brazil’s Municipality of Curitiba, Councilwoman Carla Pimentel (PSC) has filed a bill proposing the mandatory use of compressed natural gas (CNG) in vehicles of the municipal administration (005.00031.2015). “The implementation of CNG in the fleets of the Municipal Public Administration and Service Providers can contribute both to reducing the emission of toxic air pollutants as well as reducing costs for municipal coffers, and also contributes to sustainable development”, the councilor argued.

The project documentation explains this type of gas can play a strategic role as a source of energy in a sustainable city. For Pimentel, the adoption of CNG will also demonstrate the Municipality’s commitment toward the national effort to replace traditional fuels with natural gas.

The draft text provides that, if approved, the change should be phased in over five years, with 20% of the fleet transitioning to CNG per year. The municipality shall keep a record of CNG installations and service provider, noting vehicle licence plates, identification numbers and date of installation. The vehicle shall be marked in a conspicuous place with an environmental stamp issued by city hall.

The Bill also addresses such avoidance of conversion to CNG by implementig a fine system for failure to comply. Funds collected by fines will be reverted to the Municipal Fund for Environmental Conservation, to be invested in projects and global warming reversal programs.

Progress of the Bill can be followed online by registering here.

(Source: Municipality of Curitiba)

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