Bilbao Chooses Alt-Fuel Vehicles for City Garden Work

| Spain, Bilbao

Bilbao garden fleet uses alt-fuelsIn the Spanish city of Bilbao, the Department of ​​Works, Services, Urban Rehabilitation and Public Space has presented a sample of new alt-fuel vehicles incorporated into the city’s municipal fleet. The garden service will use mostly CNG (compressed natural gas) vehicles, with less impact on the emission of CO2, and electric vehicles, with zero pollutant emissions, both at CO2 level and acoustics.

Conscious of the conditions that the maintenance causes in the city, the contract that came into force nine months ago contemplates the incorporation of CNG, electric and biodiesel vehicles as being more sustainable, quiet and respectful with the environment.

The maintenance of conventional gardens generated a carbon impact, which in more than 70% was due to direct emissions, i.e. generated in situ by the combustion of vehicles and equipment of the service itself in Bilbao. The new fleet of vehicles will collectively reduce direct emissions by 17%: from 152.09 tons of CO2 to 126.48 tons of CO2, equivalent to 1.10 ton CO2e / ha to 0.91 ton CO2e / ha. The carbon footprint of this contract will be accounted for and evaluated year by year, and will be externally verified in compliance with ISO 14064: 2012.

Among the new vehicles and machinery is an open box truck and CNG crane, vans of different size, a biodiesel lawn mower and a van with CNG trailer.

(Source: City of Bilbao)

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