Big US Baker Selects Clean Energy Natural Gas Fuel

| USA, Newport Beach CA

Bimbo Bakeries USAClean Energy enters additional truck fueling agreements

In California, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. is to fuel the first heavy-duty natural gas trucks deployed by Bimbo Bakeries USA (BBU), the largest baker in the United States. The 16 heavy-duty natural gas trucks will use fuel from Clean Energy’s public-access compressed natural gas station network throughout Northern California.

BBU expects to explore options for adding more natural gas trucks to its fleet throughout the country based on the success of this initial deployment. BBU operates more than 65 bakeries and distributes products through 12,000 sales routes throughout the United States. This initial deployment of trucks is expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 580 metric tons.

“As a leader in the baking industry, BBU understands that it has a responsibility to invest in and raise sustainability standards. We are continuously looking for ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and our collaboration with Clean Energy to deploy natural gas trucks is an important step in our company-wide green initiatives.” – Jim McKeown, director of environment and sustainability for BBU and Grupo Bimbo.

In other Clean Energy news, trucking fleets across the nation continue to expand or begin natural gas fueling operations. Clean Energy and approximately 40 competitors have opened nearly 100 public heavy-duty truck-friendly stations so far in 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center. This translates into an annual infrastructure growth rate of over 20 percent with certain markets like Texas experiencing significant natural gas fueling station growth. Grant awards affecting Clean Energy and its growing portfolio of natural gas fueling customers were also announced.

Kenan Advantage Group (KAG) to Deploy 24 Additional Heavy-duty Trucks to Haul Clean Energy LNG

KAG, Clean Energy’s contract carrier for LNG, is scheduled to expand its LNG fleet with 24 additional LNG trucks. KAG has been operating 25 LNG trucks and fueling with Clean Energy since 2013. These trucks will fuel at Clean Energy’s America’s Natural Gas Highway stations in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, and is forecasted to consume approximately 400,000 DGEs of LNG per year.

“Expanding our natural gas fleet to haul Clean Energy LNG makes perfect sense since we’re delivering to Clean Energy stations every day.”- Mark Davis, president of Jack B. Kelley, a subsidiary of The Kenan Advantage Group.

Clean Rentals, Inc./Clean Uniforms and More!, Begins CNG Pilot Program

Clean Rentals of New Bedford, Mass., will begin a CNG pilot program with four heavy-duty natural gas trucks in a regional delivery application and fuel at Clean Energy’s public natural gas fueling network.

Modern Transportation Expands LNG Fleet

Modern Transportation is expanding its LNG fleet in the Mid-Atlantic. The fleet is currently running a high mileage application for Owens Corning with each truck traveling nearly 200,000 miles per year.

“Our LNG truck fleet has performed extremely well and we’ll continue to expand this fleet to provide the most environmentally-friendly and economical logistics solution to our customers.” – Rich Kushner, vice president of sales, Modern Transportation

Pennsylvania Awards Clean Energy and its Customers $5.1 Million in Grants for Station Development, Expansion and Vehicles

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) awarded Clean Energy customers $1.4 Million for 166 natural gas vehicles. Awarded under the Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIG) program of the Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Assistance, the funds will help pay for the conversion or purchase of medium to light-weight natural gas vehicles. A total of 274 NGVs were funded under AFIG’s Sept. 4th grant award. DEP estimates 24 new fueling stations and 35 existing stations will be supported by these NGVs

Under the direction of the Commonwealth Financing Authority, the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and DEP also awarded Clean Energy $3.78 Million under the Alternative and Clean Energy program for the development, construction and/or expansion of natural gas fueling stations.

Natural gas fuel costs up to $1.50 less per gallon than gasoline or diesel, depending on local market conditions. The use of natural gas fuel not only reduces operating costs for vehicles, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions up to 30% in light-duty vehicles and 23% in medium to heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, nearly all natural gas consumed in North America is produced domestically.

(Source: Clean Energy)

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