Bi-Fuel NGV for Bolivia

| Bolivia, Santa Cruz de la Sierra

During a visit to a Vehicles and Brands Expo in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy (MHE), Jose Luis Gutierrez, participated in the presentation of two innovative models that reduce pollution and promote the use of alternative energy sources, one of which is powered by natural gas. Imported by Crown Ltda. and made by the Chinese brand BYD, the bi-fuel F3GMD works with natural gas or gasoline; it has been especially adapted for the Bolivian marketplace.

This item compiled using information from a Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, Bolivia press release.

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Minister attended the presentation of hybrid models that use CNG and electricity
19/02/2011 11:39     UCOM / MHE     BOLIVIA     – GOVERNMENT – RELATIONSHIP

UCOM-MHE .- During a visit to the Fair Exhibition facilities in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, where he performed an extensive exhibition of cars and brands, Oil and Energy Minister, Jose Luis Gutierrez, participated in the presentation of two innovative models for their contribution to reducing pollution and promoting the use of alternative energies, including Natural Gas (CNG).
This is the first hybrid car, also driven gasoline and electricity, gasoline and CNG sold in Bolivia, imported by the company Crown Ltd., and manufactured by Chinese BYD brand.

During the ceremony, the general manager of Crown LTDA., Luis Rojas explained characteristics of both vehicles and thanked by the Minister.

“We want to help promote alternative energy use in Bolivia, and care for the environment with clean-running vehicles,” said Rojas.

For his part, Minister Gutierrez congratulated the initiative of bringing vehicles that do not pollute the environment, “vehicles in the future we will be required throughout the country.” “We hope that more initiatives like this that reinforce the Government’s intention to change the country’s energy matrix,” stressed the authority.

The Ministry of Oil drives change in the energy matrix in Bolivia and has a target to convert some 80,000 vehicles, particularly public transport, the use of CNG, to help reduce the need to import Multinational State and subsidizing diesel and gasoline prices .

Of the two models presented on Thursday night, the first is the F3DM, you can use both the electric motor and the gasoline or both at once and can reach speeds exceeding 125 kilometers per hour. Their engines are comparable to one of 2,400 cc.

The other model is the F3GMD, which runs on gas or gasoline. The car offers savings in fuel use and the company says it has been adapted to the Bolivian market.
BYD brand was originally founded as a factory for lithium rechargeable batteries for mobile phones. In 2003 he entered the automobile industry after China Qinchuan acquire the company. Since then seeks to be known as a car company insurance and friendly environment.

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