BENEFIC Funds CNG, L-CNG and H2 Stations

| The Netherlands, Nieuwegein

Netherlands PitPoint CNG StationThe European BENEFIC project, which aims to accelerate the realization of infrastructure for environmentally friendly vehicles and vessels, has approved funding to support the construction of multiple Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations, hydrogen stations and one L-CNG station in Belgium and The Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, four CNG stations and two hydrogen stations will be built. Three CNG stations will be built in Brussels and in Flanders projects include two CNG stations and one L-CNG station. Of these, seven CNG stations have been awarded to PitPoint BV, covering about 20 percent of the cost of stations in Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven region, among others.

BENEFIC, a cross-border and innovative project for the development of loading and refueling infrastructure for alternative fuels for transport has made available a total of EUR 5.3 million to stimulate the breakthrough of clean and green transport technologies. Funding was allocated for natural gas, hydrogen and EV charging infrastructure.

Jan-Theo Hoefakker, Commercial Sales Manager at PitPoint: “This is of course wonderful news. BENEFIC’s confidence in both our EV and green gas solutions strengthens our position as a European supplier of clean fuels. Thanks to the BENEFIC subsidies we can expand sustainable transport in the Netherlands and Belgium and we are again a step in the right direction to achieve 100% clean transport by 2030.”

All projects for which the subsidy has been awarded are already in full swing. The parts of the projects for which a subsidy has been granted must be completed in 2020. The expected number of hydrogen stations in the Netherlands in 2020 will rise to 16.


BENEFIC stands for ‘BrussEls NEtherlands Flanders Implementation of Clean power for transport’ and literally means ‘doing something good or promoting’. It has a unique approach to funding, whereby a project call for public and private parties was organized with European funds. In this way, investors get the chance to realize projects in a low-threshold way. After the project call, which ran from February to May 2018, 21 of 24 project applications were approved.

BENEFIC is funded by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program of the European Union. CEF for transport is the financial instrument to realize the European transport infrastructure policy. It is aimed at supporting investments in building new transport infrastructure in Europe or repairing and upgrading the existing infrastructure.

Source: PitPoint BV, BENEFIC, Government of Netherlands

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