Beijing City and Petrochina Unite to Promote LNG for City Transport

| China, Beijing | Source: China News

Chang'an Ave, Beijing (Image: Wikipedia)

Beijing Municipal People’s Government and Petrochina, part of state-owned oil and gas giant China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) have jointly signed a strategic agreement to promote the use of LNG in the city’s public transport sector, reports China News. Under the agreement CNPC will provide 100 LNG-powered public transport vehicles to get the project underway, with the first lot expected to be in operation before end of February. Petrochina will build a skid-mounted LNG filling stations along Chang’an Avenue, a major urban route across Beijing.

Jiang Jiemin, Chairman of Petrochina and General Manager of CNPC, spoke at the event, advising the Beijing Municipal Committee of Petrochina’s commitment to support Beijing’s economic and social development and provide a secure and timely supply of LNG, thereby contributing to the city’s ‘Green Beijing’ action plan.

According to the report, replacing the city’s 15,000 diesel buses with LNG vehicles is equivalent to the transformation of the 750 000 cars, a significant step toward improvement of the capital’s atmospheric environment.

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