Ballast Nedam Builds CNG Station for Utrecht

| The Netherlands

A Ballast Nedam CNG refuelling installation

Ballast Nedam IPM, Netherlands builder of natural gas filling stations, has completed a new station in the province of Utrecht, for fuelling a fleet of 24 natural gas vehicles (NGVs). The filling station, selling CNG and ‘green gas’ (biomethane), is located at the provincial administration building on Pythagoraslaan in Utrecht.┬áBesides installations for commercial use at public filling stations, the company is seeing an increasing demand for professional refuelling installations to supply vehicles on company premises with natural gas and green gas.Utrecht’s biomethane is produced from fish and other waste from fish processor A. Group & Zn from Spakenburg.

This item compiled using information from a Ballast Nedam IPM press release.

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