Australia’s LNG Marine Fuel Institute Adds International Members

| Australia: Perth WA | Source: LNG Marine Fuel Institute

LNG Marine Fuel InstituteLNG Marine Fuel Institute (LNG MFI), located in Perth, Western Australia, has set about since its inception in 2017 to enable Australian LNG to be a primary fuel for marine transportation. It is attracting interests from around the globe and in January elected Connect LNG AS from Oslo as its most recent international member. All joining are WinGD and GTT.

Members of the institute are joining forces on designing best practices as well as design solutions for the use of LNG as a marine fuel.

Connect LNG

In his media statement, Magnus Eikens, Chief Commercial Officer of Connect LNG, said “we share the same core values and beliefs as LNG MFI, that one needs fresh thinking and bold leadership to move away from oil and coal as the world’s primary source of energy.

Connect LNG technology

To use LNG as an alternative fuel, both for energy production and as bunker fuel, would reduce global CO2 emissions, completely remove SOx particles and cut NOx emissions by up to 85 %. Connect LNG would like to do its part to achieve this and believes that teaming up with LNG MFI will take us one step closer to our common goal.

Connect LNG’s core competence is cryogenic liquids, maritime engineering and naval architecture as well as business development within the small-scale LNG industry.

As the first in the world, Connect LNG has delivered a cost-efficient jettyless system for safe transfer of LNG between vessels and storage tanks, the Universal Transfer System (UTS®), bypassing the need for building excessive jetties, quays or dredge large areas.

The UTS is classed by DNV GL and is unmanned for all LNG operations, to increase the safety of the LNG transfer. Connect LNG’s patented solution can be used for almost any type of fluid, including LH2 in addition to LNG.

Winterthur Gas & Diesel

Also in January, Switzerland-based Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD), the developer of two-stroke liquefied natural gas engines, joined LNG MFI.

Commenting on being appointed as a member of the LNG MFI, WinGD’s vice president, sales and marketing, Rolf Stiefel said the company will look to support its efforts in advocating LNG as a marine fuel.


Preceding both elections was the successful application by GTT, an expert in membrane containment systems based in France for joining the Institute.

Captain Walter P. Purio, CEO of LNG Marine Fuel Institute said, “GTT is a cornerstone international company in embracing and implementing LNG as a marine fuel across the globe. As a first mover in LNG membrane tank technology we believe GTT will continue to shape our nascent industry, will provide a guiding example for collaborative competition among the other purpose driven selected members of LNG MFI and will make a difference in our collective and collaborative effort to reduce the amount of dangerous ship emissions and CO2 released by ships into the atmosphere.”

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